Locked Up And Blocked From Help

I have now been locked up at ward 140 at Danderyds Hospital. They wanted to stop me from attending a conference where I would have met people who can help me. The conference was yesterday.

The Republican Organization Congress

Yesterday they arranged the annual conference of the Republican organization who work to abolish monarchy.

Why is this important? Because the secret network of Staybehind or Gladio is centered around our king. This network, or mafia, is also referred to as the Kings Men (Kungens män). Abolish monarchy and split their networks, and we will split the mafia. Support Republikanska Föreningen!

Kungens män kallas nätverket elker maffian som styr landet. Staybehind elker Gladio. Därför ska vi avskaffa monarkin. Republikanska föreningen.

A Silent Conflict

The Swedish Secret Service is controlled by the US. The defense is infiltrated by russian spies. Nobody wants this out in the open.

Last summer I was locked up as well. I learned that the US army and NASA planned to conduct brain experiments on my 12-year old son. I called out to childrens rights organizations in New York. My phone calls were disconnected or rerouted. I used a British phonenumber and that worked better than my Swedish SIM-cards. But I could not top up online in Sweden, they blocked internet for me.

Calls To New York Are Disconnected

My calls to Geneva were connected but they referred me to Swedish organizations where nobody understood the situation. Swedes lack knowledge about these things as media never report.

Truthtellers Are Accused Of Psychiatric Problems

I called the father and informed him about the threat against our son. I called the police. They both accused me of psychiatric problems. The father even called the police and they locked me up at a psychiatric ward for 2 weeks. They forced medication on me against my will. They took my phones. I could not save my son from the brain experiments.


Yes, Mind Control Exists

The US routinely use mind control. They are doing that to me as well. That is how they manipulate and control their people. That is how they want to take my sons free will and the right to choose his own life and occupation.

Try To Silence And Destroy My Credibility

Parts of the Secret Service and parts of the defense want to destroy my credibility and sabotage my life so they can let the US and NATO continue training my son.

They tell media that it would harm us if this becomes public. They say that I am worried and stressed. They want to silence me.

Methods From DDR And Stasi

Their methods of splitting our family, accusing me of psychiatric problems and destroying my credibility are lessons learned from Stasi and the DDR. This is Sweden 2017. And nobody wants it to become public.

I wonder how long they will keep me here. I need to work. I want my children back.

You Must Share And Make This Public!

I need your help to share and make this public. Save our children, democracy, human rights and freedom of speech.

You must act! Our politicians won’t. Stop the mafia methods. And save my son.


Updated Case Story With Russia, USA and NATO

I update my pressrelease, after having carefully reviewed the events that occurred to me the past 3 years. Now that I am not facing the threat of becoming locked up as I have been before when I speak out, I analyze, remember and summarize things. Read the amended pressrelease here:


Suddenly, when I update my pressrelease with Russia, my laptop stops working. And the internetconnection. I must have become too accurate… Uncomfortable. Watch this:

Then I have another video as well but it is too large for my WordPress site. I was suddenly unable to connect to My Newsdesk where the amended pressrelease is published… Actions speak louder than words. Don’t you agree?

Today, my iPhone stopped working as well. I sometimes use it even though iPhone is a Staybehind-product just as Apple is.

Twitter also became censored. So now I am using Instagram and Facebook instead. But they also seem controlled.

The Swedish military and Secret Service is now sending the police to lock me up at a psychiatric asylum ward 140 at Danderyds Hospital as all this is highly classified. The police is knocking on my door now, I refuse to open. They will have to send a locksmith.

Protest and publish, share and retweet and visit me at ward 140.



Colourful Blue People and Deleted Instagram-account

There is a harassment circus going on. The Dutch web site www.stopeg.com knows very well what kind of activites that I am being victim of, although I have a more complex situation. Take a look at www.stopeg.com. You will learn about abuse that is silenced in regular media. A lot of news is silenced in regular media.

This man met me at the bus station on my way from work this evening. The blue colour again:


And then I logged into my Instagram-account. All posts have been deleted. Only 2 followers are left, and I suddenly follow only 2 persons. The number 2 means that they will reduce my family of three with one person – they will take my son. This kind of harassment goes on and on. Every day.


USA NATO Childrens rights Human rights Margot Wallström Gladio Staybehind

That is why I need you to call out to Swedish politicians, journalists, Amnesty and Human Rights Watch to make them void this unacceptable human trade with my son.

#USA #NATO #childrensrights #humanrights #staybehind #gladio


Surveillance and Control of Views in Sweden 2017

In Sweden 2017, truthtellers and people with uncomfortable views are put into psychiatric asylums. And their communication is being monitored and controlled. Watch this letter I found in my mailbox yesterday. A man claiming that his phone is under surveillance, so he leaves paper notes in peoples mailboxes to communicate and agree on meetings.



The Answer To My Internet Problems

The Swedish defense has obviously taken over my internet security, and they were not so happy when I published the screen shots of bounces earlier this morning – notice the plastic bag for frozen food. They also kindly inform me that the only decent company in this country is H&M. The rest are corrupt. It seems that everybody has an agenda. My agenda is human rights and children’s rights. The past three years I have learned that the powers, technology and alliances of security services and military needs strong control. We have lost control over it now. I am thankful for all the assistance of the Swedish defense and they know all about the US and NATO manipulation, although I prefer not to be controlled.

Plus, part of the defense allowed the brain experiments on my son, and manipulated the Södertörns Tingsrätt together with the Swedish Secret Service so I lost my children in custody.  They are splitting our family, creating conflicts to make us easy to control. They manipulate my childrens father to run their errands and to treat me awfully bad, like arguing that I have psychiatric problems when I in fact try to save our son. Just like DDR:s Stasi used to do. These military methods are used by all sides.

That is why I need your help to safeguard human rights, children’s rights and democracy. A colourful world.




The US and NATO Surveillance

The US and NATO are around me all the time. Their mission is surveillance, and they call it protection, which they will charge me – the cost will be the life of my son. It is completely unacceptable, and  the idea of human trade is just as unacceptable. Violating children’s rights and human rights in this way is awful. They have already hired NASA to conduct brain experiments on my son for which they shall be held accountable. They and the Swedish Social Democrats plus the rest of the political parties who are responsible for this human trade deal and who try to silence me in the most brutal way.

This man works for the US and he sat next to me on the subway.


This man came to the train station this morning:

USA NATO children's rights witness The US is surveilling me, and call it protection.

This girl is has a complete setup: the blue color and the bike, colorful flowers in her hand, the white headphones. This iconography is well known to me by now. And she is bullying by reminding me of my bad economy after 3 years of harassment – she included a plastic bag from Myrorna. This is California:

USA NATO chilldrens rights witness. The USA is surveilling and bullying me.



Some Of My Emails and Texts (SMS) Are Blocked

When I try to reach out to different journalists or influencers with my case, my emails are blocked. Delivery is delayed or mails are not sent at all. My phones and texts (sms) are being blocked as well.

I try to reach The Guardians journalist twice, but my emails are not delivered:

Delivery delayed Attackerman1

My emails to journalists are blocked. USA NATO childrensrights witness

And when I try to inform a friend of mine who also is an influencer in defense-related issues, my emails are not delivered and neither are my texts:

My emails are being blocked. USA NATO childrensrights witness

My emails are being blocked. USA NATO childrensrights witness

My texts and phones are being blocked. USA NATO childrensrights witness


Save My Son – The Politicians Block Me

When I called out to politicians 3 years ago about my own case, they blocked me on Twitter. Mostly social democrats who are responsible for trading my son to the US and NATO. But also some from Moderaterna, even part of the Konstitutionsutskottet who are responsible for holding the government accountable. I have also tried to call politicians, as Sweden is known for being a constitutional and transparent society. No luck. Only blocked.

That is why I need you to help me and my son from being abused by the US and NATO or any other military power. Please share and retweet.




The Threat Comes From Within – Staybehind Destabilizes Us

Staybehind Excels In False Flag Operations

The Staybehind or Gladio are masters of deceipt and manipulation, and they excel in false flag operations. They come from the right-wing and conservative side. We are so used to seeing the threat coming from Russia. And the Staybehind carry out their operations to emphasize this. They arrange destabilizing activities aimed to destroy peoples trust to authorities and to eachother. And they blame the Russians. Instead, the threat in fact comes from within our own country. It comes from the Staybehind network. And this applies to all of Europe and the western world.

They Destroy Your Credibility

Saying this, you will always be called a pro-russian and become a victim of slandering and your credibility will be destroyed publicly. But learning about the Staybehind or Gladio phenomenon and how it operates will give you some new insights. You will also learn that their power sabotages the United Nations, and not even the United Nations Council of Human Rights will withstand its power. Some values are absolute and non-negotiable. Human rights and children’s rights are among them. As they are not able to protect us or our children anymore, we must act – you and I.

Illegale Kriege


This Is A Staybehinder

This Staybehinder surveilled me today at the shopping mall. The same blue colour as the disabled people in the wheelchairs the other day, and they drive Volvo (some drive Audi). I need your urgent help, to stop Staybehind, the US and NATO from trading with children and use inhuman and unacceptable methods against peoples consent.

Remember that the Swedish social democrats and Margot Wallström signed this human trade deal although I believe that all parties have been involved in the cover up.

Pls share and retweet. Media is blocked from reporting. #USA#NATO#childrensrights#witness#Staybehind


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