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When a silent conflict was launced after years and years of clandestine planning, everybody knew that media and regular news outlets would be censored. That is why you will not find an independent, thorough analysis or the context presented in your favourite source of news. Instead, art and culture is a source for reflection, context and historical background. On a good day, the artists are independent. In the worst case scenario they are runnning the errands of power. 
Arts and culture are carriers of a collective memory and helps connecting our society although we come from different backgrounds. Arts and culture reflect that on various scenes. Artists are often highly sensitive individuals, having the capacity to tune in to the current state of society and often adding a personal comment.
However, arts and culture is also known as soft power – a method of influencing a population aside from military power. In Sweden, the discussion goes high just now as Swedish Ministry of Culture are criticized for shaping our culture to reflect the ideology of the politicians.
Historically, power is known for expelling independent artists who criticize politics and the direction of the society. Several regimes have done the same. The nazis called uncomfortable art ”Entarte Kunst” for instance.
Having that said, peeping in to the art’s and cultural scenes will provide new perspectives. Please do.

When Media Can’t Deliver, Art Will

Back in 2014, conflicts were announced and began to appear. The world witnessed Ebola outbreaks, horrendous terror attacks such as Charlie Hebdo, ISIS/Daech committing awful crimes and Syrian atrocities never end.
But few were listening, and few understood the full context. Did you?
In Sweden, witnesses and victims were silenced and locked up at forced psychiatric care instead of receiving adequate protection measures and information. Now, that is a method known for very repressive and totalitarian regimes.
So, you may wonder if the conflict is a fight for freedom or new oppression? Peoples opinions differ on that. But how will you know as information is lacking in the news? Where will regular citizens find their sources for information?

Fascistoid Polarizations Are Arranged

Few understood that there are powerful groups demanding a change of status quo. As usual, there are different opinions and goals depending who you ask. These conflict zones have commonly been identified as: GAL-TAN, globalists – nationalists, populists – socialists and populists – liberals.
It would be so much easier if there was one good guy and a bad guy, and if we got clear information about what people are fighting against and what the end result is supposed to be!
Instead, we get plenty of slandering, desinformation and psyops, rumours and very superficial critique which is seldom based on any obvious, solid ground.
People in power prefer to isolate rivals, calling them by names which are sometimes more fitting for themselves. That is commonly referred to as psyops or projection is psychological terms.
In Sweden, Socialdemocrats heavily criticized the nazi heritage of the nationalistic Sweden Democrats. The Sweden Democrats finally replied with a documentary movie about 1,5 hours long showing the nazi-like crimes to the citizens committed by – the Social Democrats and their fellows in Swedish Parliament during the years after WWII until the 1970’s at least.
Is that movie a piece of culture – an historical evidence?
Some call that movie propaganda. The manner of production (selection of music and several images) may well be questioned but nobody questions the facts and figures of the horrendous content.
The point is – nobody in the news ever had the guts to disarm a lousy argument and historic revision from politicians in Parliament with this important information, information that power prefer to forget and hide in dark corners.
Both people in power and their rivals must present valid arguments. And you can’t expect being able to cover up history and simply blame others for it.
Our news outlets should ask the uncomfortable questions here, but they fail to do so. Instead, a long piece of documentary footage became an uncomfortable reminder of the heritage of the existing political establishment.

Art Is A Platform For Alternative Information

The arts and cultural scene have a strong legacy as being a platform for information and gatherings. For example, during WWII the Belgian comics Spirou played a major role for the resistance movement which is now being repeated.
In Sweden, Tuesday Meetings were held to exchange alternative views in the WWII era. Today, Tuesday Meetings serving alternative information and views are arranged at art scenes and cultural scenes.

Reformers And Keepers

To make things a little easer, let’s distinguish between reformers and keepers.
To reformers, art often has an important role in itself which keepers sometimes do not value in the same way.
Several reformers call for: a new financial system, recycling and a circular economy, saving the planet due to climate changes while others claim that climate change is a fraud to initiate other desired changes, the abolishment of NATO, the abolishment of the EU, assigning adequate value to indigenous people including their rights and unique knowledge, reform of the medical sector perceived as being dominated by capitalistic medtech which downplay valuable alternative medicine, abolishment of monarchies, abolishment of socialism, sometimes abolishment of liberalism.
Many fight for women’s rights while others fight for the rights of the family which somehow interferes with women’s rights.
However, nobody fight for children’s rights. If you go down that road, you will fight like Don Quijote against a massive wall of windmills as all sides want to raise children with their own ideology – the collective groups ideology. Not yours.
The same applies to political psychiatry as all sides tend to make use of that. Or rather – abuse.

Religion Is Under Attack To Pave The Way For Collective Spirituality

Religion is under attack as well. Some want to abolish established religions to pave the way for a new spirituality and an anticipated collective spiritual awakening. The Catholics have had a sad record of paedophilia and the Pope is said to have committed horrendous crimes against humanity in the CIA operation Operation Condor in Latin America. That is of course used against them.
This is for some reason only partially covered in media, books are sources here. (Take a closer look at criminal and spy fiction – many books cover facts disguised as fiction due to its sensitive and classified nature that never reach the press. That’s another cultural piece of fact.)
It is also obvious to many that Christians, Muslims and jews/sionists are under attack depending on region.
You just need a macro perspective and try to see the worldwide pattern, because those in power use the world as one, single arena.
Just as with your children, all of humanity is supposed to submit to one single religion. No room for individual choices here either. What kind of reform is that?

The Surveillance State

Also, as Snowdens revelations disclosed the surveillance state there are several groups who once and for all want to abandon the massive surveillance of IT, telecom, etc of individuals – Snowden recently presented himself as a reformer in The Guardian. The challenge here is that the development of AI poses a major threat which is often underestimated grossly.
Moreover – and this can’t be breaking news by now – the media and news outlets will have to be reformed as they proved to be completely incapable of serving you the correct analysis, context and background of this silenced war.
The silence and cover up creates innumerous victims. Nobody understands what is going on, how to foresee the next step or how to protect themselves and their families.
Not mentioning the war is a terrible deceit by people in power, politicians and the international community.

”Abolish the United Nations”

And as a consequence, some call for heavy reforms of the United Nations. The US recently pulled out from the Human Rights Council in Geneva as an act of protest. Nikki Haley, US ambassador to the UN, also criticized the United Nations expectations not long ago as she found they were threatening US souvereignity.
The sinister reformers find that the existing flaws are not enough. To make it perfectly clear that reforms are necessary, abuse of power is now intentional to create even more victims.
In Sweden, there are numerous examples of children and adults being abused in the most terrifying manner. Their lives are intentionally destroyed, only to create more awareness of the need for reforms. And to create more motivated reformers.

Rewrite History

In all conflicts, the most widely used quote is ”The first victim of war is Truth”.
The cultural scene in Sweden have brought the propaganda of historical repressive states to light in different exhibitions. You may also want to visit the museums to find their – often more initiated and hopefully less distorted – view of history.
Reformers love the butterfly as a metaphor, as it represents a process of development. From blissful ignorance – to a colorful and fully developed butterfly.
In Sweden, there is plenty of debate on the threats to our country, but nobody still address the methods of new warfare. The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency recently distributed a brochure updated from the Cold War to all Swedish citizens. That’s a bit late and inadequate, but still a start.

Reforms –Why And At What Price?

When reforms are announced that nobody can acount for, people should start asking questions.
Is it acceptable to raise awareness and fight for reforms with horrendous methods – just because the goal is perceived as being ”a good cause”? That sounds like the medieval wars of the Church at the time. Visit a religious historical museum and learn all about that. There is a reason they did that back in the medieval times – very, very long ago.

Take Part In Art

So what is the true history and how can we understand contemporary times? Walk into an arts exhibition, visit the museums, attend the theatre or study both old and new films and books. Read historical fiction who dare taking another perspective.
What do they tell you? Cultivate yourself and you may come home with a new, sharper set of eyeballs than if you only stay tuned to the superficial and biased reporting in the censored newspaper.

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