Be Firmly Rooted In Your Values

Corona has closed most of our countries, and social distancing has become a norm. As I have lived under similar circumstances and hardship for many years now, I was already used to it. So let me share some thoughts with you:

Isolation typically leads to dehumanization, polarization and demonization. So take all chances to meet and greet, to ask questions and reply, and to solve potential misunderstandings early on before they turn into something big. Ask and reply.

When public offices and politicians have done their best to silence, split families and people for years, do pay respect to civil society, churches, cultural institutions who provide places to meet and pull people together. Telecom companies should lower bills during Corona so we can call and talk more!

There will always be conflicts but don’t create unnecessary ones.

Be honest. Swedes are used to trust power above our heads and distrust community or individuals. In other countries, it’s the opposite! You choose your way, I chose mine after 49,5 years of living in Sweden. (I don’t trust anyone above anymore. I love grassroots and people my size.)

Remember where you came from, who’s close and where you are heading. Keep as many close as you can, and keep your direction. Be grounded in your values.

Allow people to solve challenges and problems in their own way as long as they respect your values and deliver results.

Provide and require a clear goal for whatever community you find yourself caught up in. Because many in our world want change but they won’t tell you where you/we will end up after this change.

Values are key. A clear vision, a clear goal is key. We have to be able to vote in or out.

Sadly not much of these old common sense ideas are heard these days. Few understand mafia methods, that people in Europe are being blocked from regular work to be forced into networks and isolated from their usual community.

Stay firmly rooted in what you believe in.

Personally, I am educating myself with lectures and speeches now online. I mix in international affairs, and yesterday Västsvenska Chamber of Commerce and today Stockholm Chamber of Commerce because all of us deserve the dignity of an income, a home, a family and work. That’s the foundation for freedom, isn’t it?

I am of course available as a marketing and communications advisor for free for beginner start ups, and a coach.

I have been poor and without rights in Sweden for many years now, but this should not be a habit for anyone.

As I said, I love grassroots and people my size. And I love and miss my children and everything I lost in Sweden these years.

If you like my values, we will have a good time while enduring 🙂

Here I am in Stockholm 20200401. You have to smile sometimes although times are difficult.
Here I am in Stockholm 20200401. You have to smile sometimes although times are difficult. Be agile and stay proud. The crisis cannot be blamed on you. 

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