Colonia Communication work mainly with SME-companies but also larger enterprises. Often, our clients are faced with the common saying: “The only constant is change”.

For companies with a strong agile culture, we quickly adapt strategies, concepts and texts to turn ideas into reality to keep your momentum. In companies and organizations with longer sales cycles, we pace our work and communication efforts to match the demand.

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Some of our clients over the years are:  Oxyma Innovation, Etteplan, Zenita Säkerhet, Nordic Alarm, Polygon och AK-konsult, Xylem, ÅF Infrastruktur, Anticimex, Modulsystem, Elektriska Installatörsorganisationen (EIO), Technical Museum, SP Fönster, Facility Management company PIMA, Facility Management and security company Addici, Skanska, Läkemedelsindustriföreningen (LIF), Werlabs och ADDvise.