Colourful Blue People and Deleted Instagram-account

There is a harassment circus going on. The Dutch web site knows very well what kind of activites that I am being victim of, although I have a more complex situation. Take a look at You will learn about abuse that is silenced in regular media. A lot of news is silenced in regular media.

This man met me at the bus station on my way from work this evening. The blue colour again:


And then I logged into my Instagram-account. All posts have been deleted. Only 2 followers are left, and I suddenly follow only 2 persons. The number 2 means that they will reduce my family of three with one person – they will take my son. This kind of harassment goes on and on. Every day.


USA NATO Childrens rights Human rights Margot Wallström Gladio Staybehind

That is why I need you to call out to Swedish politicians, journalists, Amnesty and Human Rights Watch to make them void this unacceptable human trade with my son.

#USA #NATO #childrensrights #humanrights #staybehind #gladio


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