Covered Up Gladio Fascists In Sweden Rewrite History

The same fascists are controlling both GAL:s and TAN:s in the new political landscape. They erase and rewrite history. Whatever it takes to shape history to suit their ideal future and perfect population, they will do it. They steal what’s most precious and dear to you, and use secret techniques to control people. Sweden has for long being considered the 51st US state. But it’s also a European issue.

And being forced to investigate my own case as a “human slave trade tax”, this is my story as you all seem to listen to desinformation.

I just realized that they have stolen my British magazine Monocle. Apart from the connection to eyeglasses, it is foreign. And these people insist that I buy Swedish, cherish the vikings and the old Nordic things.

These networks are essentially the Gladio/Staybehind networks.


They Steal Memories  – And Children

The Swedish, asshole nationalists who plan a Nordic-Baltic alliance also stole my French Le Creuset pot which was a wedding gift. They stole nostalgia with a photocollage of my children and my German friends. The stole my Italian earrings. And now the other night, they stole my UK magazine.


They also stole my children. My children are now raised without my values.

They even stole the photo copies of my children and deleted the digital photos from my computer in 2017-2018. I found the photos in the trash folder. I did not put them there, for sure.

They have also stolen my diaries, and when I made a note in my notebook with quotes and family members, the Secret Service guy living in the apartment above me protested loud.

That’s MY family history. It’s important for ME AND MY FAMILY. Of course I will take notes. Or you will rewrite that too.

They stole the old woven kitchen towels that I bought in an antique shop in Rättvik about 2014. I had almost forgotten about them. They had no monetary value. But the towels are a piece of female history, and they had a meaning to me.

They broke into my home at night in 2017 and tore big holes in my clothes. In the storage, they tore my curtains that I have had for years.

They steal and destroy everything that is precious to me. They bully and harrass.


The US Did This To My Family Once Before

And they destroyed, bullied and  slandered mothers in my family long before me.

Some of my relatives moved to the US in the 1960’s. The US did the same to them as they do to me now in Sweden:

My uncle on my father’s side (yes, actually) was set up in an extremely dirty custody court  case in the 1970’s. He lost his children and they were turned against him. He used to visit us in Sweden and sat in our kitchen, in deep sorrow as he had no family, no children left.

That’s exactly what they are doing to me, in Sweden maybe 40 years later.

My uncle was single for a long time. Then he met a woman from the Dominican islands. She made him write a new will, omitting his children completely, which he commented: ”Oh, you want that too?”.

Isnt’t it strange that all her previous husbands died from her?


Deleting and Rewriting History

Back to my own story.

They have manipulated documents from my ancestors.

They brainwash and manipulate children. They mindcontrol people and call them ”robots”. I have seen plenty of ”robots” these years, different ages. It’s awful.

They show me the remake of Stephen Kings horror movie for children ”IT”. In the fall of 2017 they offered me an assignment at a company called ”DET” which is the Swedish translation of ”IT”.

When I have protested against the gross oppression and abuse, they call it a ”psychiatric illness” and locked me up for forced psychiatric care with medication to silence me, as you know from my previous posts. Or they just use that ”argument” to dismiss what I say. Very convenient.

As they also manipulate family/friends, people fail to understand what’s going on, so they respond by blocking me out and isolating me.

People are gullible, and above all very comfortable.

Sold without any rights

A Protective ”Cage” Is Orwellian Language For Abuse

Further, all these organizations censor my communication – to isolate. They call it a protective ”cage”. They send out cars with ”grindsläp” and on my flight back via Finland in 2017, a civilian looked at me, made a phone call to order a ”grindsläp” to pick up later that day back in Sweden, and he looked straight at me while doing so.

Now, you know from my ”Metaphores Decoded” article that I connect the BDSM culture with the CIA&Co as that fits the top-bottom narrative and #SeduceAndAbuse tactics. For bottoms/subs the dominant may use a cage for his/her sub.

Well, why don’t you ask Kapten Klänning about that? Kapten Klänning is the nickname for the convicted, former police officer Göran Lindberg.

IMHO, they all seem to use the same methods at the top levels.

My ”protective cage” is also referred to as a civilian, US/Secret Service female prison – ”Orange is the new black”.

That’s bullshit and an Orwellian word for isolation and abuse. If they meant protection, they would assign me to my friends and family, not to complete strangers. And make sure that my family/friends were not exposed to abusive mindcontrol or infiltrators. Which is the case since years back.

Politicians, NGO:s and the rest buy into their bullshit. Can you imagine that?


Remember The Methods of the Nazis

Do you remember the methods of the nazis from the World War II? Well, don’t just talk about it, and visit concentration camps, but try to remember how they seized power and the methods of conquering a nation and reppressing a population. Peer pressure. Censorship. Fear.

Do you remember that in their opinion, the superior ”race” was from the North. Do you remember their medical experiments conducted by Mengele? Well, then think about all the awful things I have told you about secret injections, mind control, food poisoning, isolation etc. Does it ring a bell? Something similar strikes you in so called modus operandi? Really, well then:

Do you recall that in Sweden, we never really investigated the nazi connections, the Stasi connections?

Because too many high rankning officials were involved.

Do you recall Operation Paperclip where leading nazi scientists were brought to the US, and several exnazis recruited to Gladio networks all over Europe as they were reliable anti-communists?

Of course not, because especially in Sweden, critical information like this is covered up from the people so we cannot defend ourselves from political and Secret Service or Staybehind fraud including the military.

It breaks my heart. Sharing this is not what I hoped for five years ago when all this took off. A lot has happened since then, while you have been asleep and I was silenced at the psychiatric asylum from time to time. Forced to investigate my own case, being hunted like an animal and trying to find shelter with useless NGO:s, media hired as propaganda factories, bribed politicians and the gullible rest. Worldwide.

I hear your alarm clock. It’s time to wake up, deer.


The Same Fascists Control Both GAL:s And TAN:s

In my opinion, the exnazis in Sweden are clearly supported by the US. But they don’t always understand that.

In a previous blog post, I pointed out the GAL-TAN war and that the CIA&Co control both sides. That also explains why we find the extreme, fascist tendencies both among the right-wing conservatives and the green liberals who are sometimes referred to as ecofascists when they turn extreme.

This way, all roads will lead them to Rome.

The GAL and the TAN have a common root system, the same body but two heads appearing to be different. There is also a twin-tip strategy here, connecting and distorting conservative ideologies from different nations. A lot of interests seem to be overlapping.

Nota Bene: Being conservative is not fascism. Extremes on either side may be though.


In Sweden, Gladio Got A New Mission

In Sweden, Gladio got a new mission. In my opinon, people recruited to Staybehind/Arla Gryning and working for these networks are fooled. Several claim that ”the light comes from the US”. They think they work for ”the good cause”.

In reality, it seems they don’t really know what or who’s agenda they are working for. They have been abused for so long, being forced into these networks just as I am.

I oppose the establishment as they have abused me. But they planned the abuse just to lure me into this situation and reaction.

I told you that before. Harrassing, threatening, sabotaging a professional life and trying to traumatize a person to this extent, is to purposefully attempt to “turn” a person, forcing them into only one available option.

Can’t you see what is happening?  Connect the dots. Don’t buy into bullshit and cover ups. Don’t silence my case and erase my history. Kick out the fascists whereever they are, and they are NOT ON THE STREETS BUT IN OUR AUTHORITIES. For gods sake, kick out the assholes who abuse me like this and stop them from doing this to your children and to mine. #SaveMyDaughter #SaveMySon


Human Rights Council_red

Amnesty NL_red

When I was locked up again at the forced psychiatric care in the spring of 2017, harrassed, exposed to gross crime, no justice, threats on myself, horrendous threats of my children... I reached out to UNCHR. Actually. This was their reply. Actually.
When I was locked up again at the forced psychiatric care in the spring of 2017, harrassed, exposed to gross crime, no justice, threats on myself, horrendous threats of my children… I reached out to UNCHR. Actually. This was their reply. Actually.


They Like To Communicate By Using Hollywood Titles. And Stars.

The Paradise-leaks was a clue.







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