Reflections: It Is All About Communication, Sleeping Beauty

– No, I don’t think of myself as very smart. In all my life, I have always been outperformed and outsmarted. I can only control very few things and my domain is very limited. All I can do is use my profession – to me it is all about communication. I meet people and ask myself: are they well-informed, badly informed (lacking information) or desinformed? So I approach them, tell my story and describe what has happened to me. Then I ask them to add my perspective to what they already know.

And then, when people have my perspective as well – what do they do? That’s a different story, that’s when you know if people are good, bad or just comfortable.

I have referred to the concept of Sleeping Beauty before in my blog posts, and I know that both politicians and others use it as well. To me, a Sleeping Beauty is a well-informed but passive person, or a badly informed/desinformed person preferring to stay that way. So, are you sleeping or awake?

Desinformed Or Badly Informed Adult Childhood-Friends

The past years since 2013, I have lost everything in Sweden: career, family, friends, my children, a home, my reputation and integrity. Few people understand that. Few have that information. So, let’s see what old friends from childhood do in this kind of situation.

For instance, this spring I reached out to old friends from childhood at the Scouts and twice I tried to arrange a pub-evening together. All of them decline, either politely or they just don’t reply at all.

By now they know what I have been through and they have been given lots of opportunities to ask me questions and ask for explanations. But they don’t. And then they decline to see me.


Badly Informed Minors

I haven’t been allowed to even see my children since March 2017 because the Swedish state and their father including my family claim that I am mentally ill as they do not understand the crimes I am exposed to. My children began to believe these claims, and now they do not dare to/want to see me. That is a clear case of desinformation. You cannot blame minors for not understanding the lies and frauds of the adult world.

Infiltrations and Influence – The Breakfast Of A War Strategist

What complicates my life even more is the fact that we are faced with infiltrations and military techniques for influence. Considering the fact that my family have a case in foreign affairs at a top United Nations level since many years, this is to be expected.

Recently, someone referred to war strategists and I replied:
– Infiltrations and military techniques for influencing friends and family is standard procedure for a war strategist planning a revolution and pinpointing valuable victims. They eat people like us – mothers and children – for breakfast.

>h2>Poetry And Art Instead Of Censored News

These techniques make my task as a communicator more difficult. Some wanted a seasoned communications specialist as a war corresponent for this revolution – this war of reforms. Especially on children’s rights. Well, when I am not silenced and censored, I do my best to report the frauds and the agendas – not just the war, the techniques and the weapons they expose me to. By exposing set-ups and manipulations on a macro level, I try to go beyond their intentions with this horror and terrible abuse. Some would call it poetry and art, because you will never hear this in the regular, censored news.

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Reflections It’s All About Communication

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