”Let’s Silence All This”

I sometimes look back to the years 2013-2014. I find pieces of information that meant nothing at that time. But now, it makes more sense. And back then, the Western world was so innocent and blind to what has become a dirty reality.

Back in about 2014 when a lot of things that happens today were unthinkable, I was exposed to plenty of banners of this movie/tv-series: Orange Is The New Black. The US told me I was assigned to a cage, a US civilian prison. That’s when my cell phones, email and social media were first heavily censored.

That’s when the state took my children after intercepting doctor’s appointments and arranged with a corrupt social service to interfere and slander me with accusations of mental unhealth for the first time.

That’s when infiltrated and influenced friends and family started to turn their back on me because they didn’t understand, accused me and possibly over the years have become afraid.

That’s not protection. That is to block a victim from help and assistance while covering up their own crimes.


A Cage To Control An Agenda

Since then, my life has been very controlled. Yes, it is like living in a cage. Social life becomes very limited, it has taken years for me to find people who have the slightest idea of the political landscape. That was arranged, of course. They presented these people when it was suitable for them.

They limit my contacts as much as they can. By slandering me, by refusing to telling the truth, by denying me information from the Police, by blocking reports in media, by blocking lawyers.

The US early on hinted that I would be like Nelson Mandela – locked up for years and finally gaining the attention of the UN to change things. They showed me a lot of books and hints about Dag Hammarskjöld and Olof Palme.

I did not understand a thing.

They sent out cars striped ”Clinton” and ”Stadsmätning”. ”Pilkington”.

I did not understand a thing.

They sent out ladies with chic handbags.


My Samsung at the time showed me books by Anders Jallai such as NATO-agenten.

I had never even heard about the guy.

My Samsung then kept saying with the automatic voice ”Go to Boston”.

Others hinted ”Mum says go to Geneva and you can work for the UN.” Or “Mum says you are always welcome to New York and work.”

What mum is that?

By now I understand that must have been the US, Hillary and the defence speaking. That was at a time when Obama was Potus and Sweden was ruled by the Alliance headed by Fredrik Reinfeldt and Carl Bildt.

Yes, everyone “has had a finger in this jar of jam” as we would say in Sweden.


Plenty Of Gas, Insects And Ebola

At this time, the app ”UD Resklar ” (Swedish MFA Travel Advice) was presented on my cell phone and when I started it, the pages for Switzerland and Brazil were shown. You already know some of this from previous blog posts.

I was heavily harrassed with slandering at all my job assignments, intercepted cell phones. The defence with the Supreme Commander at that time kept arranging a small theatre on the subway based on things I had heard on the radio the day before. For instance, I was listening to a radio show about Försvarets Tolkskola and the next day some men stumble into the subway, starting to speak different languages and referring to Försvarets Tolkskola.

That was surrealistic. Who comes up with an idea like that at all?

Outside my office at Valhallavägen they sent out armed, camouflage men on a wagon instead of the slick white military parade that used to pass by sometimes.

They used gas at my office – I was assigned a new room where I would sit alone and the gas made me so dizzy I had to leave the office. There was gas in my car, in my home, on the streets and where pedestrians walk.

They used pickpocketers who stole things and put them back again in my purse, they were following me in grocery stores and took notes of what I bought.

Phone calls were rerouted. Arabs were sent out and I was scared to death for my children. They made it a habit to drive pass my apartment and stop there on the ground level by 3 or 4 am. I slept with a butcher’s knife under my pillow and put my children in my own bed.


“A Journey Far, Far Away”

They gave me hints that I would soon be sent away on a journey far, far away.  I recall a Midsummers Eve when I was just lying in my bed, shaking out of fear the entire day. Now, I am used to hearing alarm bells and seeing shocked faces. They are the only ones I see nowadays. Thanks, assholes. And there’s a lot of theatre as well of course.

You would never believe the street theatre put up by Secret Services, defence from different states, Police and clandestine networks. They use it to communicate, to lie, charm and deceive.

At this time, I got used to not knowing if or where I would wake up the next day. (I still have that feeling but it comes and goes depending on the activity.) I have often been sedated – put to sleep. In that position it’s easy to relocate a person silently.

Early on, I had a terrible amount of Audis following me whereever and they checked on my mail and everything I did. I got dizzy from tap water and food, ordered food from Mathem and then earwigs jumped out of the bags. Spiders invaded my apartment (ground floor level in a house). A bee survived the fall and was suddently stinging my right armpit where I had breast cancer and lymph nodes removed.

At this time Ebola broke out again in Africa. The books I read were suddenly about Ebola. Everybody were very stressed in the world.

A lot of Russians showed up around me. They often acted nicely and tried to ge me used to them being around. I did not understand why.

My 10 year old maiden name was suddenly registered at events. My panties were stolen from my gym locker. We had Crimea, the Swedish Kings BDSM-scandal.

Yeah, you get it. It was crazy. That’s what they wanted.


Asia Enter The Game

I tried to sell my apartment because it was difficult to finance it as my jobs were declining. The first time, it was not sold at all. Funny people and not so funny people came to watch and inspect. Asking questions such as ”is it loud here?” Looking around and having a very odd look. Asking about the hidden, rear entrance to my apartment from the basement. Saying ”man ska inte göra något om det inte är absolut nödvändigt” (“don’t do it unless it is absolutely necessary”). That was a Swedish man and a Nordic woman. It was frightening considering all the other threats around me and their appearance.

My divorced friend the “urmakare” got a new date from Norway. He helped her with neverending resources to win the bid for the Royal Court. I happened to come by the studio some time after that. He was shocked to see me which was very, very strange.

I never understood why at that time.

They presented me with the Republican organization and the movers moving out my belongings to the storage left a chess piece – a Tower which is used to cross out the King (so to speak).

I thought that had something to do with my grandfather the chessplayer. When I visited Åland, they also arranged a chess set on a small table.

Chess was widely popular at this time. Some brits even suggested that I should be sophisticated and play chess in this creepy game. How can you possibly play a gentleman’s game such as chess with mafia bosses who outrule you completely with know-how, tech, power, money and alliances?

Now I know that the chess game also related to Alice In Wonderland which was a common theme early on.

In the beginning, the scenery was set with Russians, Chinese and Arabs. Later on, that changed.

Yep, this is considered highly uncomfortable and national security. Let’s see if I live by tomorrow, if they lock me up again or if I wake up somewhere else.


Diplomacy Does Not Work With Criminals

I had Asians around me. Lots of Chinese. Then something which was considered a Japanese mafia. When I got a new laptop after the hopeless Asus I just bought (so hacked, only sex links on it and impossible to use), the seller basically threw a Japanese Sony after me – ”Buy this!” I  had Asians such as Koreans around.

Trying to show some good intentions, I visited the museum for Eastern Asia in Stockholm and bought one object from Japan, one from China and a book on Korea.

I understood that this was appreciated by some, but completely useless for others. We’re not dealing with diplomats on the streets, dear.


Dead Silence From Politicians

This was the time when people from Karlstad showed up by a church I was visiting after a severe food poisoning. They asked ”Är det någon som försöker förkorta ditt liv?” (”Is someone attempting to shorten your life?”)

Having a parade of Japanese mafia on motorbikes following you to the church after spitting out a bite of a prepared sandwich which caused a horrendous pain in the stomach and immediate dizzieness just after touching your tongue – what would you reply?

My mailorder skincare now caused reactions on my face, such as that popular dizzyness and headache. I could not use it.

Keep in mind that authorities did nothing but watch. As this was election year I tried to reach out to politicians both in person after speeches and by phone.

Dead silence. Literally speaking. What a deceit.


Travelling To Europe – ”Go By Train Or Boat!”

I decided that as my children were taken and my apartment finally sold after a second try, to leave Sweden and find a calmer place. So I put my home in a storage, packed a suitcase and took off.

I made a reservation on a flight to Germany as I had friends there.

The arabs were hugely interested on my way to Arlanda airport. I backed out in the last minute. Some say that was wise, hinting that US intended to crack some fireworks in the sky (using arabs as puppets).


When I was about to take the train to Germany from Copenhagen, someone interfered and changed platforms. The train suddenly had the direction Helsingborg, back to Sweden. Civilians showed up and tried to make  me understand that I should head back home.

I had to run to the new platform to catch my train.

I was very determined. I had to leave Sweden.

Now, a lot of very friendly Asians folllowed my route again. I never understood why.

On the train to Germany, Germans looked after me commenting: ”She doesn’t have a family.”

Very true. Sweden took my family.


ISIS/Daesh Became News

In Europe, police suddenly showed up with bulletproof vests around me with a stressed and extremely surprised look on their faces. That was protection.

ISIS/Daesh were becoming news.

A man passed right by me and made sure that he was standing with his backpack in the height of my eyes – that was a backpack with a small Swiss flag. Remembering the Swedish MFA app from my cell phone, I bought at ticket to Lausanne. For different reasons, I chose Lausanne.

On the train to Switzerland, the CIA used graffiti along my train route – first it said ‘Bimbo” and then on my way to Lausanne it said “Lausange” to mimic LA. They wanted to direct me to Los Angeles already by then.

But when I had headed to the US Embassy back in Stockholm, they refused to admit me. I didn’t get the mixed messages at all. The US was not an option based on these experiences.

In Lausanne, I was completely out of sync with the beautiful and very comfortable town. Having been throwing up food and drinks basically every day the past weeks due to food poisoning and maybe electricity (which I didn’t understand and that time, instead I bought cans of coal at the pharmacy to settle my stomach) I was completely dried out and in a terrible shape.

Was this my final destination? Well, at least I could eat and drink safely.


”Looking Like A Terrorist”

Then a handwritten note on the door to the grocery shop where I went shopping, saying “That woman brings bad luck”. And in Bern the CIA/US spread the word that the photo in my brand new passport looked like a terrorist. I had heard that before in Stockholm.

(It really does. I got a new passport at this time and the image is terrible. Since then, I have noticed that the US manipulate photographs online in realtime to make some people look positive or negative.)

The US are very determined.

Well, so am I, gentlemen…

To shorten my story at least a little, my travelling did not end in Lausanne. Either. Having all of these strange people and cars around me more or less all over Europe and then NY, trying to shy away from people looking like criminals watching my every step and purchase in the grocery store and coming up with threats in case I bought anything American, I realized that I was never getting my children back. The businesss networks I tried to visit did not result in business at all. The business cards I came home with were just strange. I had to head back to Sweden.

And I really just wanted to get my life back in order.


Photographs Of European Churches

I met Africans showing photographs of European churches in their cell phones. As I recall it, he came from Kongo.

Wherever I went, the US went. They pointed out potential threats, and local security began to realize that the threats actually were put into action, and they started to connect these threats partly to the US themselves.


It is astonishing that people in politics, security and defence never learn, alternatively play the game. False flags, sweet talk, threats and likely bribes. What a mix.

This was also the time of #BringBackOurGirls in Nigeria, Je suis Charlie, the attack on Lars Vilks in Copenhagen…


Oh Yes, We Have To Mention Russia As Well

I know very well that Russia are a part of this worldwide game as well. And I noted their presence in the beginning, will get back to that in another post. Not always friendly of course. Nobody is. All states seem to have a common habit to stress their victim before trying to collect it.

For instance, I was informed that I should check the Russian mafia called Tjuvar inom lagen (vory v zakone) as they were supposed to be part of the threat around me.

The reason Russia is seldom mentioned here is primarily that they seem to be more discreet.

In Stockholm, I quickly jumped into a store in about 2014 and turned around. Then I saw a man who I would consider Russian tailing me. But he had been completely invisible up until then. He just materialized from the crowd. And in Rättvik about the same time, I was following a US Jeep thinking it was US. We were all alone suddenly on that road, and I didn’t think twice about it. Then lots of Audis and German cars showed up again with ”KGB” in their license plates and extremely stressed looks on their faces. They tried to smile reassuringly at me but it ended up as a stiff Secret Service grimace.

I never looked inside that US Jeep and never saw the driver. By now, I am not very upset either to be honest.

As soon as I mention any small detail about Russia, the US quickly jumps on it and creates ”a storm in a waterglass” of it.

That is the second reason I seldom mention Russia – it really is impossible to mention Russian interference in a nuanced way. The US quickly grab that as an opportunity to present everything as a Russian problem which is wrong.

When people call this awful intelligence game as a game of mirrors, it’s worth remembering that a mirror will reflect your own face and actions as well. Not only your opponents.


A Matter Of National Security

After all, I ended up back in Sweden after my travels to Europe and then finally New York as I could not find work and could not find a solution for my children.

This was of course planned as well. I mentioned that in my blog post The Betrayal and I will elaborate on that in the next post.

Early on, I noted that Sweden use movie themes or tv-show titles to communicate, just as the US.

Here, they showed me the Hamilton movies – especially ”I Nationens Intresse”. So, I was a matter of national security, really?

Mixed feelings on that one – is it flattering or scary? To me, definitely scary. Look what they do to national security issues.


The Horror Show

Swedes and other states too for that matter care for national security issues in a very specific way, clearly inspired by horror movies, slave trade from the 18th century, psychiatric asylums and forced medications as in  ”A Cucko’s Nest” and clandestine medical experiments on victims without consent. Plus a series of threats, financial ruin and whatever else you can come up with.

I really prefer being a regular mom in the suburb with a job, an income, a career, being decently respected by friends and family and having my children with me.

The sadistic touch is – terrible.

(I guess that’s why our politicians so happily gave all that precious information in Transportstyrelsen away so easily and without remorse. The staff and the nation is much better off in Russian, Serbian and/or US hands, perhaps?)


They Intended To Educate Me And Wanted Me To Report And Investigate

But what is really very thoughtprovoking is the fact that they were set on educating me already from the beginning.

I had a brand new Sony touchpad and it showed me almost automatically the Ministry of Justice SOU reports on the IB-scandals for me to read and consider.

And it showed me the Secret Service Yearbook with the Stasi-methods and the decision not to make the secret networks public. It informed me about the term Zersetzung which is a Stasi term for isolating and harrassing victim and the thinktank Fri Värld arranged a seminar about the Stasi presence in Swedish schools.

I have noted a lot of this myself of course. I guess that was the intention. You become very credible when having suffered from abuse yourself. Some wanted me to report. Some tried to silence me.

My Samsung insisted on showing me the Anders Jallai book NATO-agenten which I told you before. So, I bought the books and read. A dirty world emerged. It was looking much like the shady, grey world they forced me into so I recognized a lot.

It is clear that NATO had intentions already early on to turn me into a NATO-case for Sweden to finally join altogether. And that the Swedish NATO-opposition took the opportunity to show everybody the atrocities of NATO, which is the horror movie above and in earlier posts.

Looking back, it seems that the European Union also took advantage of this to gain acceptance for the creation of the EU Defence Union for instance.

It has been a shock to see all these agendas out in the open that completely outrule the very basic civil and human rights. And the fact that media miss out totally on all these issues in the underworld that actually shape the news and political scene.

It is also worth noting that the Swedish government seem to happily invest in tech but not in professional defence staff. Instead we have widespread clandestine networks present in our businesses and authorities. It’s difficult to understand why that is better than a professional, well-educated defence who can be held accountable for their actions. That it is true for the Secret Service networks as well.

Dress in uniform, please, so we recognize you and your agenda.


The Key, Or La Clé

My case is dense with defence- and security politics on the highest, international level. Not so much because of me and my family although I and my family history was called a key or la clé in the beginning. But because we are a bait to focus on.

You know very well how the political landscape has changed dramatically in the US, Europe and Sweden over the few years since 2013. Keep in mind that it was largely planned.


Too Many Uncomfortable Facts Have Been Revealed

Going back to the fact that Nelson Mandela, Dag Hammarskjöld and Olof Palme were displayed so clearly for me in the beginning, I also recall listening to UN reps saying ”it is vital to understand the nature of the conflicts in the world” while recognizing me and looking shocked.

I also heard third party make the comparison to Nelson Mandela, my abuse and an extremely sour remark on the UN which further helped me understand that the UN is a part of all this. Just look at all the emails from the UN turning me down. And all the NGO:s on worldwide level.

There’s a lot of geopolitics, finances, frauds – and it is highly sensitive.

The recent, futile calls to the Swedish Ministry of Justice made me understand that at this point in time they are informed that the so called operation has been successful but that I talk too much and that my case must be silenced.

Too many uncomfortable facts have likely been revealed. Too much horrendous abuse seem to have been conducted while I and my children have been in so called ”protective cages” by the US and their allies.

That was never protection in the first place. That was only meant to protect their agendas.


A Lot Of Superpowers As Chefs, Revealing Eachothers Secret Recipes

They never expected that with so many states and powers involved, there were a lot of different agendas.

Each state intended to uncover the abuse of their opponent. So everyone in this dirty game have likely been caught with their pants down.

Guess who took the pain? You, your friends and I.

And none of them ever expected me to last this long, being able to tell my story.

I even heard a smiling comment on the Secret Service side about 3 years ago when they thought I was leaving Sweden: ”Thanks for staying this long!”

And that’s likely why it is so easy for them all to collectively decide:

”Let’s silence all this”.


Updated 20180430, Updated 20180615

To understand my case, please read The Betrayal – UN, EU and Sweden below as well, and Happy 8th March. Then add the other blog posts if you like. Feel free to get in touch, ask and discuss as long as it is relevant.

The Betrayal – UN, EU and Sweden



Three QR



Human Rights Council_red

NGO:s have turned me and my children down, in Sweden and internationally. I have been reaching out to every NGO I could find. This reply from the Netherlands is interesting. They seem to recognize the states human trade and abuse issue?
NGO:s have turned me and my children down, in Sweden and internationally. I have been reaching out to every NGO I could find. This reply from the Netherlands is interesting. They seem to recognize the states human trade and abuse issue?



Open Society_svar

When I was locked up at forced psychiatric care for the fourth time in Sweden instead of getting police investigation, information and protection together with my children, receiving threats from Sweden on me and my children and being heavily stalked and harrassed I reached out to UNHCR as well as Human Rights Council. Officially turned down. So called silent diplomacy only allows for horrendous desinformation.
When I was locked up at forced psychiatric care for the fourth time in Sweden instead of getting police investigation, information and protection together with my children, receiving threats from Sweden on me and my children and being heavily stalked and harrassed I reached out to UNHCR as well as Human Rights Council. Officially turned down. So called silent diplomacy only allows for horrendous desinformation.

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