Media As Power Of The State: Main Stream Media, Censorship and Fake News

Swedish media are used to the impressive title ”The Third Power”. But as they don’t like to be  questioned, and so their integrity is failing. In Sweden, networks are closely connected and uncomfortable truths are quickly silenced with a few phonecalls. However, media in the US are also heavily criticized. ”The Third Power” have transformed into Main Stream Media (MSM) and the trust is declining.

Let’s quote a web site describing the romantic role of media: ”Media is the sword arm of democracy. Media acts as a watchdog to protect public interest against malpractice and create public awareness.” (Global Ethics Network Jayasree Roy 2015)

But the transformation of ”The Third Power” to ”Main Stream Media” truly reflect the new role of news outlets  – as obedient copying machines for propaganda and censorship.

And this is the story that the US and Bilderberg want me to tell – that’s why they abuse me, deny me justice, deny reporting and deny me everything. So I am forced to tell you about it. Don’t blame me. Blame them and the stupid assholes who make it possible. 


Costly Copying Machines For State Propaganda

Instead of analyzing, investigating and revealing the shady business of:

  • Politicians
  • public offices
  • businesses

media has become costly copying machines for state propaganda and planted news from hired PR-consultants at these politicial institutions, public offices and businesses.


Massive Cover Ups In The US, EU And Sweden

Let me give you some examples. I have been trying to inform media in Sweden, Europe and the US about my case – a case which has turned out to be of high public interest for several reasons.

But during these five years, my case has been massively silenced and covered up.


h2>”Sleeping Beauties” Censor News And Enable Abuse

Pleased politicians and people in power went so far as to establish the concept of ”Sleeping Beauties” to thank obedient media for their censorship and ability to hide and silence any report whatsover about the secret war and the horrendous abuse of me and my children.

This is a case that provide a valuable historical overview of the hidden Swedish history and uncomfortable truths. The dirty truth, as some would put it.


”Sustainability” – When The Powerplay Of Authorities Outperform The Integrity Of Media

People in power also use the concept of ”Sustainability” to persuade media to keep their mouths shut. Each time the Secret Service and defence succeed in silencing media, they send out a car from a company named ”Hemfrid” in front of me. (Hemfrid is a home cleaning company, translated to ”Peace and Quiet”).


Silencing Abuse And Blocking Justice

They do this just to tell me that they did it again, that their power of persuasion outperform the integrity and press ethics of media, and that I and my family will continue to suffer in horrendous silence without any justice in sight.

Considering our abuse, calling them MSM is far to nice. Think about the first news from the Holocaust. It is very likely that Hitler tried to block all media while referring to ”national security”.

This is exactly what the Swedish, European and US media has been doing for five years.

It is not very flattering at all. This is in fact the worst insult to media. But it is true. Media is committing the worst crime of all to their readers: They lie. They do not tell the truth.


Be True To Reality. Not To Power And Their “Narratives”

The US President Mr Trump also commented sourly on media in Davos. The audience booed him out. But knowing how easily media align to the established mafia of power, propaganda and their connections, it becomes clear that this audience likely belong to the mafia of power and propaganda themselves.

They must be the ones controlling the news. If not – why would they react to strong? Of course they were challenged.

In this case, Trump is right. Citizens and readers expect media to be true to reality. Not to the established power and their carefully carved out ”narratives”.


Censorship Suddenly Flourish Instead Of Trust To Citizens

Censorship is also beginning to flourish in Sweden and Europe. A lot of countries are taking the easy route to block citizens from news and stories instead of appreciating the fact that people can actually read and value information themselves.

The state explicitly wants us to maintain trust to them. But trust has to be deserved – it is a thank-you note to authorities who do their job well and with integrity.

When the state refuse to trust their own citizens – why on earth should we trust them? It’s just bad math. An average 12-year old could figure that out.

In Sweden, some journalists have actually payed attention to the fact that the National Agency Of Innovation now fund a project to filter away news that the state and their copying machines MSM do not want citizens to read. Guess who decides what’s true and false? They themselves, of course. They want to create a monopoly of the truth. As always.



Look For Actions – That’s The Truth

Instead, people should follow the example of Swedish profile Alexander Bard – read everything. Talk to people with different views and political agendas. Then weigh the agendas and biases and make up your own mind based on experience and knowledge. Experience is to base your judgment on what people actually do and what they did.


Reveal The Comfortable Classifications

To make up your own mind based on different agendas, solves the fake news-challenge. But – there is one more key issue that needs to be addressed: the excessive classifications. The comfortable classifications, state propaganda and abusive cover ups are the giant elephants in the room – resulting in alternative ideas and speculations of what actually happened and who did what.


Sweden Is Used To Half-Truths And Blatant Lies From The State

The fact that politicians and authorities cover up uncomfortable truths in society – often connected to defence and security issues – means that Swedes are used to lots of half-truths and blatant lies. This has become a fact of life.

In a lot of issues, people do not really know what to believe. I have experienced that myself – ”Oh her case is soooo complicated” and then authorities and secret service present a confusing explanation. People do not understand – of course – and then they lose interest. Some feel stupid.

This is psyops. This is a tool for propaganda. This is another field where Sweden excel with stellar know-how and continue to win over sound judgment.


NATO:s Influence on Democracy and Human Trade Deals

However, there are more examples. Ever since the Wold War II, Swedes have been told that we live in a ”neutral country”. But during all this time, Sweden has been playing in the dark with NATO. This is still a confusing reality in 2018.

And whoever is against NATO can never speak out about the dark secrets of this military alliance. Instead, protesters present lots of other arguments, about peace and balance of power. That seldom turn out very well as all countries need a defence.

Nobody tells the story of human trade deals, trafficking, forced recruitment, state financed corruption, state financed terrorism, destabilization and influence on the allied countries democracy. Which political parties are allowed to take place in the government in a NATO-allied country? Well, ask Italy. They are not afraid of replying.

And it should be basic for all military organizations to follow civilian rule of law in peacetime. In times of war, they shall of course be held accountable in the Hague if necessary. Every single one of them. Without exception.

The room for stretching civilian rights in the interest of national security should be closely monitored for secret services and military organizations.

Today – none of this works. Nothing works at all.

Cars are burning on the streets because people protest against injustice. Nobody tells you that. Either.


Fishy Media Fail To Reveal State Propaganda

Psyops and propaganda should be revealed, not printed.

The submarine scandals in Sweden were masked into fish in the beginning of the new millenium.

People were told that the submarines in the Swedish archipelago were neither from Russia nor from NATO. In fact, they were not submarines at all.

The Swedish defence has advanced technology, tech for thoughtreading and thought control since at least 30 years. But now they claim that their technological skills could not distinguish the sound of a submarine from the sound of fish.

Keep in mind that Sweden has a very long coast-line to defend, meaning that our defence really need to have skills at reading and analyzing the water. As far as I know, we have always had fish in our waters. But submarines showed up quite suddenly for a limited period of time. Some would say – related to defence budget issues.

The fishy submarine-story should possibly evoke some laughter late a Friday night when tired journalists have a drink with friends. Instead, this ”story” was published as news in the national state television and at large in the magazine Filter 2017. I googled it.

If you are looking for something fishy – then there they are. In MSM.

There is an issue with credibility here. The ability to analyze and understand the agenda behind defence- and security issues is not very impressive.

It should be quite obvious to anybody that this is an extremely simple cover up. At least my dearest friend the 12-year old would understand. But not professional Swedish journalists.


Complacent Medias Censorship Is Now Public

As far as my own case is concerned, I resorted to a very mild protest to the coward and bribed Swedish media who so easily succumb to state persuasion and call for ”sustainable silence”. (The same goes to you in the EU and the US.)

I emailed editors the same updates and news flashes as I have been sending for more or less five years.


Here’s The Piece Of News That Nobody Wants You To Know

I have told media that my children are brainwashed and sold for military work. That they are mindcontrolled and that both I and they are exposed to drugs by the EU and US/NATO. I told them about the electonic harassment, thought control, constant crime and threats. That the UN Security Council took a decision on me – an extradition to likely Russia and Sweden tell me they won’t carry it out by exposing me to Swedish Kexchocolate all the time. (KEX was a commission in Sweden around 2014 and they landed in the recommendation that ”Sweden will not export to countries with failing democracy”.)

This is the art of communication of the defence. Each time they throw Kexchoklad in front of me, they remind me about the trade deal and at the same time reassure me that my children and I will continue to be abused and exposed to crime in Sweden – but only in Sweden. Not in Russia. Sweden has a monopoly here as well. Thanks, boys. Thanks, asshole politicians.

The UN Security Council also seems to have taken a decision to sell one of my children for military abuse.

Fuck the UN. They have proved to be a club for bribed, Hollywood wannabees and should stay out of human rights issues. That is extremely clear.

Anyway, I sent my press updates as usual but this time, I sent a cc to the Swedish Ministry of Culture as they have a government responsibility for media issues and democracy issues as well as the Ministry of Justice as they are supposed to be responsible for the civil defence issues and – justice. Press freedom, censorship and ongoing crimes relate to both.

My gesture was sour and ironic. I pressed the ”Send” button with a sinister smile but cried inside.

My intention was to say: ”You suck. You lie. You belong to the same club. And you share bed.”


Please Understand The Cause, The Effect And The Intention

I am the first to admit that some of my emails have been much more straightforward and full of anger. But they have all been carefully selected to match my situation.

It’s so easy. It’s all about cause and effect. If you expose a human being to 24/7 constant abuse, stalking, electronic harrasment, mind control, food poisoning, constant threats of death and extradition including trafficking and abuse and brainwash of her own children which is also carried out right in front of her using her own family, physical abuse by several states and their secret services, military organizations and organized crime day AND night – what happens?

You will receive a reply.

That’s how easy it is. This is also a no-brainer for a 12-year old. But not to Swedish authorities, Parliament and government. Not to the EU and not to Amnesty or NGO:s and not to the UN.

I guess the US and Russia applaud it. Different agendas that sometimes align.


The Child Sale And The Effort Of A Psychological Break-Down Is Intended

I am convinced that this is the calculated intention. That the reply would be really bad. (For five years I have been informed that I am a suspect of terror crime – now that’s funny but somehow I can’t laugh over all the draconian surveillance.)

And that they wanted to abuse my children, brainwash them, manipulate, forcerecruit and mindcontrol them – all the time.  Sweden with its Secret service, Police and Defence made it happen. They did it right in front of you because they are lying to you. Just as they lie to everybody else.

Remember the 12-year old? Please do. The 12-year old will get it. You don’t. None of you. (Yes, you are stupid, bribed assholes just as the United Nations, the EU and NGO:s such as Amnesty, UNICEF and Save The Children.)

And the method of trying to traumatize an adult individual with a strong mind and sense of ethics, to try to break that persons mind down completely by having everybody betraying her, is a psychological strategy of manipulating, turning and recruiting a person.

But that is a different blog post. Ask your average 12-year old until I finish it.


A Very Tiny Revenge, To Quote Pooh

The fact that my emails to the editors in chief of media and the Government are now public record, show the world that all these people belong to the same corrupt club.

It becomes perfectly clear that they have a common agreement not to report dark Swedish defence secrets, United Nations and UN Human Rights-scandals, horrendous abuse conducted in Sweden for more than 30 years, connections to organized crime, silent wars in Sweden, EU and the US plus hidden family ties and adopted twinchildren of the Swedish (and European) Royalties. All of this is now registered as public record.

Any Swede who question the tranformation of the ”The Third Power” to ”Main Stream Media” copying machines, can now securely make their own mind up by looking into the official records.

This is a very tiny revenge, as Pooh and his friends would put it. But the message is clear.


My first email is published in the end of this post, however it’s in Swedish. My second email sent 26th January 2018 has been deleted from my emailservice. They do so frequently. Delete uncomfortable emails. Nobody protects my email account. What else did you expect? KEX, UN, US and the EU made that happen.


The car from Hemfrid "Peace and Quiet" is parked outside my window Friday about a week ago. They silenced media - again.
The car from Hemfrid “Peace and Quiet” is parked outside my window Friday about a week ago. They silenced media – again.




Quote from British magazine Monocle No 110. But come on, I tried to reach out to UK media as well without luck.
Quote from British magazine Monocle No 110. But come on, I tried to reach out to UK media as well without luck.


The Intercept tells the story about how difficult it has become to cover national security issues. Tell me about it.
The Intercept tells the story about how difficult it has become to cover national security issues. Tell me about it.

The Intercept 2

Follow the example of Alexander Bard - make up your own mind based on different agendas.
Follow the example of Alexander Bard – make up your own mind based on different agendas.


The e-mail:

———- Vidarebefordrat meddelande ———-
Från: Annika Möllström <>
Datum: 8 januari 2018 13:04:07 +01:00
Ämne: Re: Fwd: Tjatigt? Ja, men fallet Annika Möllström är ju tydligen en tyst korrupt överenskommelse mellan stat och media
Här ser ni att det går till diariet också. Även till kulturdepartementet som har det skrattretande uppdraget att ansvara för demokratiministerposten.



8 januari 2018 12:56:23 +01:00, skrev Annika Möllström <>:
För diariet, se nedan.
Annika Möllström
———- Vidarebefordrat meddelande ———-
Från: Annika Möllström <>
Datum: 8 januari 2018 12:46:29 +01:00
Ämne: Tjatigt? Ja, men fallet Annika Möllström är ju tydligen en tyst korrupt överenskommelse mellan stat och media
Så länge som säkerhetspolis, försvarsmakt, regeringskansli och riksdag samt media tillåter alla dessa grova övergrepp på mig och min familj – och faktiskt många andra medborgare i Sverige och EU- så kommer jag maila er och se till att alla mail och mottagare diarieförs på Regeringskansliet.
Er tystnad är en skam för det vi kallar demokrati och fri press.
Jag och mina barn är offer för människohandel och grov kriminalitet av militär och säkerhetspolis i Sverige, NATO, EU och även FN är inblandade. Alla tittar på. Jag är såld utan rättigheter. Det märks, för jag får ingen advokat och ingen NGO inte ens Amnesty (vilket skämt de är) agerar.
De tar sig in i mitt hem nattetid och drogar min mat och mitt kranvatten. Jag sövs på natten, eller får el mot hjärnan så att jag inte kan somna. De anklagar USA. Men Sverige är precis lika vidriga. Jag har vaknat med märken efter hemliga injektioner. Jag äger inte min hjärna, min kropp, mina känslor. Allt kontrolleras. Jag vet inte hur, men efter alla droger och injektioner även på psykiatrisk tvångsvård så har de haft alla möjligheter.
Min kommunikation är censurerad – vissa mottagare studsar. Min telefoni är censurerad. Mitt internet och alla mina sökningar är censurerade och manipulerade. Alla tror att jag jobbar för någon – säpo, försvaret eller någon annan stat. Det är ju lögn från början till slut – hur fan kan man efter all denna tid vara så jävla dum att man går på det?
Min ekonomi är förstörd. Jag har tvingats till sjukskrivning sedan 31 mars i år eftersom jag inte får jobb. Säpo och försvaret har för övrigt saboterat hela mitt yrkesliv ända sedan jag slutade skolan för 25 år sedan. Mitt liv har planerats för all denna statsfinansierade kriminalitet.
Förra året fick jag socialbidrag en period och tvingades bo hos mina föräldrar på källarplanet eftersom jag saknade bostad och ekonomi. I januari 2017 fick jag ett andrahandskontrakt som skulle vara i två år. I december fick jag julklappar som en del av er vet: kontraktet sades snabbt upp och jag blev kontaktad av socialen och Överförmyndgarmyndigheten för de hade planer på att omyndigförklara mig. Kul, eller hur? Hårda klappar i år. Vad fick ni?
Nu har jag försökt hitta ny bostad och flyttfirma. Helt omöjligt. Och den flyttfirman jag hade bokat vill plötsligt ha kontant betalt. Det går inte. Jag kan inte ens betala mina räkningar.
Jag måste flytta på fredag. Jag har ingen ekonomi. Jag har fan ingen lust att fortsätta vara sjukskriven. Jag har inte fått träffa mina barn sedan i mars. Myndigheterna påstår att jag lider av psykisk sjukdom och ger mina barn “terapi” hos socialtjänsten sen i augusti pga att deras mamma anses vara allvarligt psykiskt sjuk.  Det är hjärntvätt, för er som inte begriper bättre.
Mina barn utsätts för tankekontroll. Precis som jag själv.
Jag anser att svenska media och politiker är en korrupt klubb och om ni är rädda för ryssen så har ni missat att ni själva är rättsstatens största hot. Vi har redan en militärdiktatur med korrupt säkerhetspolis och statsstyrd media i det här landet. Det finns ingen rättsstat.
Er tystnad efter fyra år när jag till och med har suttit iklädd tröjor som har tryckta budskap och hashtags i era lunchrestauranger visar ju väldigt tydligt hur sjukt det här landet är.
Givetvis kommer jag att publicera detta mail på min blogg. Så att hela Sverige får veta hur grundlurade de är: av regering, riksdag, myndigheter och media. Säkerhetspolis och försvar är praktsvin.
Be my guest – läs min blogg. Ni kanske lär er något.
Kind regards
Annika Möllström
Strategic Communication/Senior konsult kommunikation B2B
Colonia Communication
Whatsapp and Cell: +46-(0)721-769 329
LinkedIn: Annika Möllström
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