External Analysis PERSPECTIVES Democracy & Civil Rights: How To Report Abuse By The Swedish State

This is a suggested checklist to help you report abuse by Swedish authorities, as it is becoming widespread and especially attack children’s rights and family rights. The Swedish state and its authorities have over the years developed an excessive abuse in taking one or both parents from children in fake and manipulated custody court cases and so called LVU. You may want to print and save this checklist*. You and your children may soon be next in line.

Social Services
Report abuse and misconduct to IVO, at www. ivo.se
Healthcare, Psychiatry
As the Swedish healthcare system routinely use false psychiatry, assigning a false diagnosis to healthy but uncomfortable citizens and claiming they are mentally ill, you need to find independent psychiatrists outside Sweden. It is possible to find psychiatrists with integrity in EU-countries and having the second opinion paid for by Swedish Försäkringskassan – just ask them for the correct procedure. Then report abuse and misconduct of Swedish psychiatrists to IVO, at www.ivo.se
In case you will not find any integrity in the European Union, try outside such as Serbia. Just as Sweden fails to hold up to its grand values, so does the European Union.
Misconduct By Any Swedish Authority
Report abuse and misconduct to Justitieombudsmannen (JO), at www.jo.se
When JO denies investigation (which is most likely as rule of law ceased to exist in Sweden at all levels), inform Head of JO Elisbeth Rynning directly: jokansli2@jo.se.
Prepare to report the ignorance of JO at all levels to Konstitutionsutskottet (KU) in the Swedish Parliament, see below.
File A Police Report
Crimes, corruption, misconduct etc should always be reported to the police, but don’t expect them to do anything to help you. But file a report and make the statistics reflect reality.
Reporting The Police For Misconduct
When the Swedish Police ignores your police reports, report the Police for misconduct to: Polismyndigheten, Avdelningen för särskild utredning, Box 12256, 102 26 Stockholm.
And when that doesn’t help, contact the Ministry of Justice, they have assigned staff who are responsible for each authority (myndighetsansvarig), and contact Interpol (see below). When the Swedish Ministry of Justice ignores you, proceed to KU in the Swedish Parliament who may investigate the Ministry of Justice, and when they don’t, proceed to the European Union (see below).
Interpol are represented in Sweden, at NOA. But since Swedish Police is dysfunctional, and cannot or is not allowed to investigate political crimes against children and families, you may report the crimes directly to Interpol in Lyon, France. Add a comment that the report should not be forwarded to Swedish police as the operations are dysfunctional, corrupt and politicized here.
The Swedish method of systematically taking a child from one or both parents on false grounds should be comparable to trafficking or illegal abduction of children by the state and thus be a perfect case for Interpol.
Here below is a link to the home page of Interpol, click Crimes Against Children to report the Swedish state abuse of children conducted by politicians, courts and social services:
Interpol website: https://www.interpol.int/Contact-INTERPOL
Swedish Secret Services (Säpo, Säkerhetspolisen)
It is impossible to file complaints to Säkerhetspolisen. They will just return a sneering laugh when you call the switchboard as if this is the agency of former Stasi or SS. That may explain why their repressive methods are fully compatible with the regimes Sweden routinely criticize.
So, instead of calling Secret Service at switchboard phone 010-568 70 00 or emailing them at sakerhetspolisen@sakerhetspolisen.se you may instead call the Swedish Ministry of Justice and the Swedish Parliament – Justitieutskottet and Konstitutionsutskottet plus JO (see above). When all these ignore you (because they will), go ahead with the other procedures such as contacting international organizations.
Same procedure as for Secret Service (Säpo). Call the Swedish Ministry of Defence and the myndighetsansvarig, the Swedish Parliaments Försvarsutskottet or similar plus JO. The defence are extremely pennalistic. Few organizations match up with their sadism.
You may also file a report to the Military Police as they are supposed to investigate crimes in the defence which ordinary police seemingly is blocked from investigating. Not that it will help, though.
Report Justitieombudsmannen (JO)
When the national Ombudsman called JO ignores your reports of Swedish authorities political crimes, proceed to Swedish Parliament as the Konstitutionsutskottet (KU) are responsible for JO.
Submit a complaint to KU via email:
registrator.riksdagsforvaltningen@riksdagen.se , mark it up Attention Konstitutionsutskottet.
You also need to cc some of the members in KU to make sure that your version reaches out to a member who can bring up your issue in KU. A regular citizen is not allowed to do so.
The Government Office
The Government Office is staffed with officials. This is where the formal responsibiliy over Swedish authorities rest. For instance, the Ministry of Justice will have an official responisibility for the Swedish Police, another one will be responsible for Swedish courts, etc. These officials are in fact regulating the authority. It is a good idea to file complaints here too. They need to know the methods Swedish authorities use, or they will just claim full deniability later on.
Call the switchboard of the Government Office and ask for the official being responsible for the authority you wish to file a formal complaint on.
First present your case shortly over the phone, then ask for an emailaddress and remind them to follow up your email. If you don’t make that phone call and notify them about your upcomine email, staff are very likely to ”miss out” on your email in the inbox.
You get it – everybody wants peace of mind with a steady salary in the end of the month, enjoying family weekends without the hassle of citizens demanding their civil rights and holding the state accountable for paid tax money.
Phone number to the switchboard of the Government Office: 08-405 10 00.
The Parliament and Konstitutionsutskottet
When you have reason to believe that a Secretary of State is committing a crime or misconduct, the Konstitutionsutskottet (KU) will be your last resort in Sweden to investigate. You need to find a member in the KU who is willing to raise the issue in KU, a regular citizen can’t do that. The Parliament also have a lot of committees for different topisc – defence, foreign affairs, justice, etc. Find the right committee and inform them. Demand action. You will likely be connected to a landline via the switchboard, unable to leave a message. So ask the swithboard for each members cell phone number.
You will find a list of committees and their members in the Parliament here: www.riksdagen.se
Phone number to the switchboard of the Parliament: 08-786 40 00
Email to the Konstitutionsutskottet: registrator.riksdagsforvaltningen@riksdagen.se
mark it up Attention Konstitutionsutskottet.
First call a member, present your case shortly over the phone, then ask for an emailaddress and remind them to follow up your email. If you don’t make that phone call and notify them about your upcoming email, staff are very likely to ”miss out” on your email in the inbox.
You get it – everybody wants peace of mind with a steady salary in the end of the month, enjoying family weekends without being bothered by uncomfortable citizens demanding their civil rights and holding the state accountable for paid tax money.
No matter how succesful you are, it is a good idea to inform politicians in rule about the reality we face as citizens. Demand full accountability.
Are seldom helping out – in case you get any lawyer with integrity at all. Misconduct or lack of integrity of a lawyer can be reported to The Swedish Bar Association in Sweden (see below). A paralegal can be reported to Konsumentombudsmannen (see below). Some lawyers and paralegals are actually helping the system, not you or your children. Pay attention, never compromise your rights away.
Report A Lawyer
Misconduct of a lawyer is reported to The Swedish Bar Association. Read the Ethical Guidelines for Swedish lawyers online and learn how to hold them accountable. It is also possible to call The Swedish Bar Association to ask for advice, check the telephone hours. But it is unlikely that you will find a lawyer with integrity at all here.
Phone number to Swedish Bar Association switchboard: 08-459 03 00.
Report A Paralegal
Misconduct of a paralegal can be reported to Konsumentombudsmannen. A lot of paralegals have been reported lately. Check the website of Konsumentombudsmannen.
The European Union (EU)
The European Union have recently taken action against the repression and lack of civil rights in the member countries. Unfortunately, they mostly deny the abuse of fellow liberal countries, only focusing on countries with right-wing populist leadership.
The first thing the EU will do is to refer you to the national Ombudsman in your country. If you want to report the lack of civil rights in Sweden to the European Union, watch out here:
Web: europedirect.europa.eu
Phone: 00 800 6 7 8 9 10 11 (toll free)
European Commissioner for Human Rights
The office of the European Commissioner for Human Rights will not handle individual cases either. Noboby does. That is how they get away with all the abuse for so long, as every report is called an individual case and governments successfully silence a lot of cases.
But if you, and I and all the rest inform the public and eachother about the lack of civil rights and abuse, it will become obvious that a lot of us are affected.
Report the abuse in Sweden to the Commissioners office here:
However, as the EU often is the root cause and the term Solidarity in fact means that people in power will collective protect collaborators, let’s continue up the steep and dirty hill of civil rights to the United Nations.
UN In Vienna
United Nations in Vienna work with Crimes and Drugs and trafficking of children. That’s right, they work with it. They do not investigate it. Anyway, you should inform them about the Swedish abuse of children and families and above all – protest and let Vienna know that silencing this gross abuse is not ok.
The abuse of children and adults is obviously widespread on an international top level. And the abuse is called politics. Not crime. Why? Because politics is not subject to criminal investigations (I don’t get that at all, but the diplomats and politicians have an agreement so you, I and our children will take the pain and therefore must object.)
Anyway, UN Vienna UNODC do have a Contact Us-form and a phone number to the switchboard.
Contact UNODC and let them know that their frauds are not ok:
Link to UN Vienna, Crimes and Drugs section UNODC: www.unodc.org/unodc/en/contact-us.html
Phone No to UN Vienna: (+43-1) 26060
Political Parties In Sweden
When you have taken things as high up as you can abroad, let us go back to the national perspective and contact the political parties. Demand full accountability and inform them. Nobody shall be able to say afterwards that they had no idea about this abuse. Because all of them know but they silence it. To be aware of gross abuse and crmes against humanity and still not act, is being a collaborator.
So, call each political party and ask for the Rättspolitisk talesperson which is the representative responsible for justice and human rights. Call them directly, and follow up with an email as described above.
NGO:s And Organizations
Save The Children, Barnombudsmannen, BRIS, Amnesty, Civil Rights Defenders or Human Rights Watch will not act. Either. Neither do Brottsofferjouren, Brottsoffermyndigheten, BRÅ or similar. But they need to be informed for full accountability.
So go ahead and report the gross abuse of citizens and the collective silence. This collective silence is now called Solidarity.
The Trade Unions
Contact the trade unions organizing the staff in the authorities you are reporting. Misconduct in an authority should be investigated internally, and may also result in a bad working environment for the few officials who actually care about professional integrity.
Several trade unions are aware of the gross abuse among their members. So when you protest to them, you will also let them know that this is a crime. Call and email the Trade Unions.

Finally – Some Guidelines

You may possibly find a lawyer with integrity via nkmr.org and Ruby Harold Claeson. It is not likely that you will find any lawyer with integrity via the Swedish Bar Association. To get a better understanding of the corrupt operations in the Swedish social services, turn to Barnets Bästa, www.barnetsbasta.org. The website www.lexnoxa.com are passionate about documenting, investigating and exposing corrupt courts and officials, they may be able to investigate and publish your case without exposing your names.

How do we end this abuse? But begin by demanding that Swedish authorites follow the Swedish civil law book, legal principles and international conventions. There is a huge gap between theory and practice – everything looks great on paper but none of this is practiced in reality.
The author of this document may assist by writing case stories and articles and distribute them for you. Contact me.
Media And Journalists
Media and journalists are useless. Swedish and European repression has led to sustainable news. What is that? It is – censorship of uncomfortable news. Believe it or not, but media obeys. Which is why you are being fooled by governments, authorities, and media.
Lately, we have seen some new news outlets, they may have more integrity. Try them.
In case you write a critical pressrelease or opinion, it will not get published in Swedish media. Truth is silenced.
When you realize that Sustainable News, Silence, and Solidarity rule the press, contact the desk for radioprogram Medierna at Sveriges Radio, the Trade Union for Journalists, or Reporters Without Borders. For some reason, they are incredibly proud of the Swedish Freedom Of Press. Don’t ask me why.
Email to Medierna: info@tredjestatsmakten.se
Email to Reporters Without Borders in Sweden: reportrarutangranser@rsf.org
Email to Journalistförbundet: kansliet@sjf.se

General Advice

It is more or less a full-time job to be harrassed by the Swedish state and their allies including the United Nations.
They will set out to destroy your entire life, your career, your financial situation, your relationships with friends and family. Destruction is what they do best, clearly inspired by old DDR Stasi methods of Zersetztung and similar. Look it up. You will recognize a lot. Modern technology just made the methods easier to apply for the state, secret services and clandestine networks.

They will block your phones, no matter which SIM-card you choose, and landlines as well. They will block and censor emails and physical snailmail. They will give you deadlines that are too short when you contact public authorities or courts. They will systematically delay and prolong any contact or legal issue you initiate with the state, courts or public authorities. When you call a switchboard you will be connected to a fake call center giving you false information and your calls will never reach the person who could help you. Staff in reception desks and registrators (registrator at diarier) are gatekeepers and will assign your reports to the one who will hide and deny your case. Get used to it. This is Sweden 2018.
Get used to pressure, torture and frauds
Try to be clear and concise, both over the phone and in writing. It will be easier to do so in the beginning, then after some time of harrassment and torture it will become increasingly difficult. Ask a friend or someone to proofread and give feedback on your texts before sending it. After a longer period of harrassments, it will be difficult to find polite words but try and you will find that it is possible to call people a shithead, or asking them to go to hell some manners. Under torture and pressure, it will become increasingly difficult – sooner or later you will become frustrated and they can finally call you aggressive and dangerous which is what they planned to do in the very beginning.
Get used to the fact that the Swedish state and their allies will destroy your life completely and take everything you ever had, including dignity.
When you present facts and evidence to support your claims, the authorities and officials will use a special Kafka-language. It is a language of harrassment where anything you say or claim will be called an opinion or dissatisfaction on your side, instead of being valued as an objective evidence or document. A health confirmation from an international psychiatrist will be ignored, as if they suddenly cannot read the words even when you translate the document. It really is amazing until you realize that this is the very foundation of dicatorship and systematic harrassment and abuse financed by – you, your tax money and your silence.
The Kafka-language spins everyting to its opposite
They will routinely claim that you are a citizen who corrupts justice and the legal system. But that is not true – you are fighting for your rights against a government and a parliament who do all they can to deny you the basic civil rights, and then harrass you for trying. They will never admit a mistake. Instead, they blame you. You will be called mentally ill, or a danger to the political system. That is not true. They are the danger to the original political system we once thought we had in this country.
Politicians and officials will do their best to make your friends and relatives call you mentally ill, just to isolate you even more. They will blame you for spending most of your time and energy to get your basic civil rights – which is true as they block you from everything in life and ensure that the most ordinary task will take forever. You lack the imagination to foresee what they can do. Think of evil, and triple it.
The court Attunda in Stockholm headed by Inger Söderholm excels in this art of harrassments and state financed crimes. There is nothing they won’t do to block you from justice – and avoid accountability. Of course they are accountable, they are just experts in denying it.
Try to imagine what a court can do to harrass, delay, block and deny you justice: post from the court to your witnesses will not arrive or arrive with incorrect information. Your letters will not be delivered with the post. Witnesses in other countries that are supposed to testify will be blocked and the court falsely blames the other country. You will need to contact embassies, make phone calls to the local Ministry of Justice in that country and then call and call again to the Swedish Government Office including our Ministry of Foreign Affairs to make it happen. It may settle in the afternoon the day before the final court hearing. Peer pressure from other countries may prove to be invaluable.
Early on, you need to plan for the worst case scenario – because it will come true. Plan for a destroyed financial situation, rent a room to someone you trust (an regular ad will likely result in an infiltrator. This is Sweden, there are state infiltrators everywhere and they report everything you do.)
As phones, internet and regular mail will be censored and blocked, travel to another country for communication. Get a local prepaid SIM-card abroad and top it up generously because topping up online in Sweden will be blocked (trust me, I tried). You may use a telefax but as phone lines are blocked, fax will be blocked as well. In case you write regular letters (by hand) ,make sure you save a copy for documentation purposes or they will deny you ever sent it.
When you travel abroad to communicate and send letters, you may hope that foreign security services and police will pay some attention to the rotten Swedish officials and complain to international organization. The world needs to know how rotten Sweden actually is. Unfortunately, several countries suffer from the same injustice and corruption but Sweden excels.
Welcome to Sweden – the humanitarian superpower and role model for justice and civil rights worldwide. Nothing could be further away from the truth, though. Because your despair will be the finest reward for the Swedish state.
This checklist is the result of years and years of harrassment by a non-professional. We can take no responsibility for how our situation is applicable for you, the reader. This document is updated regularly on the web page www.coloniacommunication.se

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