Please support children’s rights and investigate my case

Please investigate my case.

Every NATO-allied country has to have a Stay behind-army. My grandfather used to work for them. And there is an old trade deal between the US and Germany, stating that one descendant will be extradited to the US. I was supposed to go. But they decided to take my young son instead. He is now the property of the USA to work for the US and NATO-armies without his or our consent before this year is over.

They have already used different techniques to prime him to becoming a perfect US Army- and NATO-soldier: socially, mentally by using mind control, and physically by altering his body and physical development. The Swedish military even approved the US Armys and NASA:s manipulation of my son. The Swedish Secret Service, military, private sector, media and the politicians are tied together in a corrupt Stay behind-network, protecting eachother.

This case is silenced as it is very sensitive as Sweden is not officially part of NATO, and as I am challenging NATO and the US inhuman and completely unaccceptable methods.

My internet connections and phone connections are blocked so I haven’t been able reach journalists or human rights lawyers.

My children was taken away from me and I was accused of psychiatric problems when I tried to report this in Sweden.

Please take this seriously. A lot of people are aware of my situation.

This is completely unacceptable. My son shall not be part of any human trade deals. The US and NATO ignores all basic rules of human rights and children’s rights. My son is not the only one to be trained like this. I have tried to reach out to Amnesty in different countries, The UN Human Rights Council in Geneva and to Save the Children in different countries. This time at least my emails and regular post seems to have arrived – for 3 years I have been blocked. But noone will help us. They cannot hold against the power of the military and secret services.

As the US and security services controls my internet and social media it is hard to reach me. Try social media or

Please help to support human rights, children’s rights, freedom of speech and freedom of communication. Distribute this information to all media outlets and human rights organizations you can think of. Or the conservative and authoritative powers of Staybehind will control the lives for all of us.

For more information about Stay behind and its terror and criminal operations, please refer to:
Daniele Ganser
Anders Jallai
Gunnar Wall
Mats Deland
Mikael Holmström
and Google it.

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