Swedish Ministry of Justice And The Custody Case Catastrophy

 The Swedish corruption wins over justice every day. And it turns out that the Ministry of Justice plays a major part in this magnificent legal destruction.

– Every time I call the Ministry of Justice asking for staff to call for action in my case, the silence is loud. Kristoffer Strömgren hangs up after 30 seconds, as soon as he understands who I am, even before I have time to become offensive. And when I explained my situation to Alexandra Wessman last week (”I have about 10 euros in my wallet and no place to sleep tonight and it’s in the middle of winter” due to fraud in our institutions, and delayed sick leave money), she turns dead silent. As if destiny was finally catching up with me.


Swedish authorities do as they please. Why bother about the law?

It’s obvious that the Ministry of Justice is very well aware of the case of Annika Möllström and her children. And that also explains why the custody court cases completely runs out of hand.

Judges in Södertörn Court 2014-15 or Attunda Court 2017-18 couldn’t care less about her rights or her children’s rights. Neither do the military or secret service. Because they have their own agenda with this family.

– During the fall of 2017 we had our our first session in this second custody court case. (The first custody took place in 2014-15). The November session and the outcome of it is described in a separate blog post in Swedish. In short, the court was presented with two health confirmations from professional, international psychiatrists who based their documentation on – several hours of separate analyses. A third psychiatrist could after one hour safely say that there was no medical reason for me not to see my children which is what the Swedish court usually rule. All this documentation was quickly ignored by the judge Johan Nordin who apparently believe that his skills in psychiatry outrule professional, independent analysis. And my ”lawyer” provided one (1) hour of consultation before the session in court, between 08-09 am. But when he arrived at 08 am, he needed to print the last documentation for the case at the courts office as he hadn’t read it. And so we got maybe 40 minutes of unprepared consultation before the session in court, says Annika.


”The fact that the father abducted the children is not a crime at all. Not in this case.”

Annika informed her lawyer that the father had abducted the children at the time when they had joint custody. She intended to present this information to support her own case. But her lawyer shook his head and said that this is not a crime at all – not in her case.

Annika Möllström is constantly informed that Swedish civilian law is suddenly not applicable in her case. Not at all.

Instead, authorities prefer to refer to a certain, covert military law. That military law outrule all her civilian rights. And her children’s. This ”law” was in full use when judge Johan Nordin ignored all her well-grounded evidence and argumentation and instead gave full and unquestioned support to the fathers version in November 2017.

The Bias Report Was Ignored As Well. Of course – This Is Sweden.

So Annika reported the judge as she could easily argue that he was biased and favored the state and the father. The report was turned in to Lennart Christiansson at Attunda Court but he ignored that as well. To mr Christiansson, it’s perfectly normal for a judge in his own court to completely ignore all the documentation, evidence and copies of police reports from one party.

The police reports were not even mentioned in the court or by the judge. Neither the funny fact that the police deny Annika full information and refer to classification as ”someone close may be in danger if we disclose information to Annika”. This phrase is a full evidence showing that further information in the case is indeed available but covered up.

Thus that phrase and argument is:

  1. Evidence that the police, government and secret service are not interested in handling threats and unable to protect Annika Möllström and her children despite all her requests for protected identity and protected housing for herself and her children together. Secret service is covering all that up. They even stole and replaced useful information she got from the police by breaking into her home at night in the fall 2017. (Please note that the head of Swedish Secret Service Anders Thornberg was recently promoted to head of the entire Swedish Police. Replacing-paper skills and breaking-into-homes- at-night skills made that promotion possible.)
  2. Evidence showing that yes, there is additional information in the case but it is covered up.


Denied Another Lawyer

– I have been trying to replace my lawyer twice before the final session in Attunda Court 5 March. Last week they informed me that at least another judge will be present in court. But I am still stuck with a completely corrupt lawyer who will not support my case. He offered one (1) hour of consultation again the same morning as the session will start, 8-9 am and the court session is scheduled at 9 am. We haven’t even talked since the November session. There has been no time at all to prepare for evidence and witness. It is perfectly clear to me that Sweden doesn’t give a shit about my rights or my children’s rights. It is beyond doubt that nobody in this country have any idea of giving me a fair chance  to protect my rights or my children’s rights. Instead, the Ministry of Justice, the state and all police authorities including the defence have one goal only – to take my children once again and block me from seeing them at all. Just as they did in the last fake court session in 2015. I haven’t been allowed to see my children since March 2017.


Swedish Parliament, Government And NGO:s Know All About Her Case. Nobody Cares.

Annika sourly remarks that listening to the governing Swedish Social Democrats and hearing them emphasize that crime and safety is one of their major issues in the upcoming Swedish election is such as joke.

– I am constantly calling the Government and emailing both them and the Parliament to inform them about my case. Everybody knows. Nobody cares.

UPDATE: 20180227 It turns out that Attunda has appealed Annikas request to change lawyer. 20180228 she is however informed that Svea Court has denied her request and the appeal.  Although her lawyer has offered her a total of two (2) hours of consultation during the entire custody case. But hey, that’s perfectly normal too in this shitty military junta country named Sweden.


If You Bring Up Children’s Rights In Sweden, Nobody Will Listen Or Care. Neither If You Mention “Womens Rights”.

As Annika is not the only one in Sweden suffering from nonexistent justice in family rights and children’s rights issues, she also tried to reach out to media and children’s rights NGO:s. All her emails to UNICEF have bounced for years. This week was no exception.

In Sweden, when you bring up the beautiful term “justice” it will be dead silent. And if you bring up the sweet sounding concept of “children’s rights”, people turn deaf and blind in an instant. Just as at the Ministry of Justice.

Now, a sight and hearing disorder limits a persons physical abilities. Lacking skills and common sense limits a persons professional abilities. Swedish politicians and authorities suffer from a combination of all these.  The result is devastating, both in Home Office affairs, Gender Issues and Foreign Policy Affairs.


Social Services Ignore Professional Health Confirmations As Well: “Your Mum Is Seriously Mentally Ill”

And Annikas children are being told by the social services and their father, her own parents and family that ”your mum is seriously mentally ill”. Despite all her health confirmations (she had to turn to international psychiatrists for those analyses as Sweden have no psychiatrists with integrity.)

–  Around the Christmas and New Years holiday, my children sent me text messages where they tell me to ”take your MEDICIN” or ”go to a better hospital, mummy”. This is gross psychological abuse of minor children who are dependent on the authorities they have been assigned to by adults. That is also gross slandering of me in front of my minor children. Sweden is such an asshole country. How can Swedish politicians even hint that Sweden is a country based on justice? That Sweden is an international role model as far as human rights, children’s rights and justice is concerned? Sweden managed to lie themselves all the way into the UN Security Council this way. I am shocked. This entire country knows perfectly well what’s going on. I have emailed Attunda Court again and demand that the final session in this custody court case is postponed so I can find another lawyer. Sweden has become much worse than countries where women are treated as third-rate beings – whores or slaves. Sweden and the so called Womens Lib organizations loves to criticize the Arabic countries for instance. But my case is 100 percent Swedish and absolutely nothing works. Sweden is completely incapable of handling my case.

UPDATE: Arabs have passed by me with a satisfied smile on their faces both yesterday and today when I have been translating this blog post and my complete humilation into English. They seem very happy to note that Sweden treats their women, children and justice much worse than their own countries.

Yes, Sweden proves to be completely incapable of protecting children’s rights and women’s rights.

All you have to do is this country is to use the oldest trick of them all – come up with a threat. Neither the Police, Secret Service, Defence nor politicians have learned from history.

Even my three year-old used threats to pursue his/her will. So will states. Is anybody surprised? Really? In that case I can offer a cleaning job at the local bar.


Email in Swedish to Attunda Court where I demand another lawyer:

Mitt svar till Attunda Tingsrätt när de mailar delgivning om HUF 5 mars, utan seriöst ombud:

———- Vidarebefordrat meddelande ———-

Från: Annika Möllström <annika@coloniacommunication.se>

Datum: 26 februari 2018 16:34:44 +01:00

Ämne: Re: T 6175-17 Begäran om byte av rättshjälpsbiträde för andra gången Annika Möllström

Till: TAA – Enhetsbrevlåda Tvistemål och Ärende <tvistemalarende.attunda.tingsratt@dom.se>, elisabet.brunlid@dom.se

Cc: justitiedepartementet.registrator@regeringskansliet.se, Registrator Justitiekanslern <registrator@justitiekanslern.se>, justitieombudsmannen@jo.se, tomas.tobe@riksdagen.se, mats.pertoft@riksdagen.se, annika.hirvonen.falk@riksdagen.se, helene.petersson@riksdagen.se, elin.lundgren@riksdagen.se, krister.hammarbergh@riksdagen.se, arhe.hamednaca@riksdagen.se, anti.avsan@riksdagen.se, susanne.eberstein@riksdagen.se, johan.hedin@riksdagen.se, anders.hansson@riksdagen.se, petter.loberg@riksdagen.se, adam.marttinen@riksdagen.se, roger.haddad@riksdagen.se, linda.snecker@riksdagen.se, andreas.carlson@riksdagen.se, lawen.redar@riksdagen.se, sanne.lennstrom@riksdagen.se, mats.bergh@medborgerligsamling.se, tomas.pettersson@feministisktinitiativ.se, caroline.szyber@riksdagen.se, tonechka.turkyilmaz@gov.se, Christina Heilborn <christina.heilborn@unicef.se>


jag har kontaktat domare Elisabeth Brunlid och krävt:

  • Nytt rättshjälpsbiträde enligt lämnad uppgift. Skäl för bytet har lämnats. Befintligt biträde har ej ens avsatt tid för bevisning och vittnesgenomgång. Han erbjuder en timmes rådgivning kl 08 samma dag som HUF är schemalagd kl 09. Vidare är mitt ombud jävig med statens intressen. Och staten anser att jag är psykiskt sjuk eftersom brotten jag råkat ut för är så otroligt obekväma för er politiker, att barnen ska tas ifrån mig och att jag inte ens ska få träffa dem (det är ett år sedan jag sist träffade mina barn),  samt att det krävs en manlig partner för att jag ska få träffa mina barn.

Tycker ni att det är seriöst? Vad säger Justitieutskottet och alla rättspolitiska talespersoner? Mitt fall är ett justitiemord från början till slut. Tror ni att jag accepterar detta?

  • Framflyttad HUF för att ge nytt biträde tid att sätta sig in i ärendet.

Vg bekräfta omg. att prövning inleds av nytt ombud. Jag vill inte se ett enda utskick till om HUF 5 mars.

Annika Möllström

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26 februari 2018 09:39:58 +01:00, skrev TAA – Enhetsbrevlåda Tvistemål och Ärende <tvistemalarende.attunda.tingsratt@dom.se>:


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