The Answer To My Internet Problems

The Swedish defense has obviously taken over my internet security, and they were not so happy when I published the screen shots of bounces earlier this morning – notice the plastic bag for frozen food. They also kindly inform me that the only decent company in this country is H&M. The rest are corrupt. It seems that everybody has an agenda. My agenda is human rights and children’s rights. The past three years I have learned that the powers, technology and alliances of security services and military needs strong control. We have lost control over it now. I am thankful for all the assistance of the Swedish defense and they know all about the US and NATO manipulation, although I prefer not to be controlled.

Plus, part of the defense allowed the brain experiments on my son, and manipulated the Södertörns Tingsrätt together with the Swedish Secret Service so I lost my children in custody.  They are splitting our family, creating conflicts to make us easy to control. They manipulate my childrens father to run their errands and to treat me awfully bad, like arguing that I have psychiatric problems when I in fact try to save our son. Just like DDR:s Stasi used to do. These military methods are used by all sides.

That is why I need your help to safeguard human rights, children’s rights and democracy. A colourful world.




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