The Black Face Of Fascism

Back in early days of 2014-15, I recall all the Ceasar salads people loved to order. And the Italian cars model Giulia around, and the references to Romeo and Juliet.

So very Italian, and so very charming although I did not understand a thing.

Recall the visit to Coburg, where I shopped some silk tops in the Italian Giulieta shop, tops that were torn apart nighttime in my sublet apartment in Täby around 2017.

Then realizing the heritage and both the brighter and the darker sides of catholicism. You do not want to hear that terror and suffering is a persons destiny, not even from a religious man in service. The connections to Black Friars and NATO’s secret armies that Daniele Ganser and Paul Williams researched in their books are actually good reads.

The patriarchy clings to power, and for some it hurts terribly to lose power and control, especially over women. It hurts so bad that their true weakness emerges in full for the entire world to watch.

Beware of weak people, especially weak men centered around power structures. They betray everything and their spines are made of chewing gum. Fear rules them, not drive or direction.

The weak male fascists. Giulieta. Bernardo Bertoluccis movie The Conformist which tells us about the fascist spouse darkhaired Giulieta and the non-fascist French, blonde ballet dancer Anna. Bertoluccis movie ‘1900’, although so far I have only seen part two. It tells us how a decadent and immoral nobility becomes the cause for revolution.

Italian history and culture has a lot to teach us.

The German- Roman Empire likely fits in somewhere here too?

Oh, I picked up a lot on the streets, and I try to make some sense out of it from the books and lecture halls. 

Thanks Swedish MFA for constant abuse and for being UN:s and Switzerlands rabbit in this horror.

I took a photograph from Zurich with a woman carrying a huge Lindt chocolate rabbit in front of me back in around 2015. I think she may have been Russian. The Russian face of fascism has been described by Timothy Snyder so lets not leave out anyone here. At least Russia tries to help me understand.

The mafia structures destroy victims lives, even admit it and then in the same sentence offer to help. In return, of course sex is expected if its a woman. And control, because a woman or a person stripped off everything is vulnerable and exposed to male desires. I have seen this in Sweden too, I guess its part of Socialdemocratic peaceful pussy politics (feministic foreign policy and Palme legacy) if you don’t mind my language.

Funny logic from old farts – and women – whose brains stopped working years ago: An educated person is blocked from regular work, then tossed together with old men who want a controllable mistress. Especially when they are accepted in political rooms by MFA:s. 

What do we learn about womens rights and the so called democracy or diplomacy here? How did these concepts make it to EU:s and UN:s accepted political rooms? Foreign Affairs has double meanings, Ann Linde and Margot Wallstrom.

I prefer not to have Ceasar salad, thank you. I skip the Italian restaurants with scissors decorating guest wc:s, and dislike the remark that harrassed deer are also called Snow.

I do love a lot from Italy, but not this.

I also have lots of respect for all congregations, but martures and intended suffering is not religious. That’s something else.

And the region of Friuli-Venezia-Giulieta, Dalmatia and the Harlequins will have to look for other tourists. I remember the children’s Disney movie ’101 Dalmatians’ with the evil lady hunting dotted dalmatian puppies. Stay out of our brainvillas, too, please. (This is a bit personal so I will leave out details in this paragraph.)

Of course I am pissed, and I use all my vocabulary and channels to tell you. 

After all, I have suffered so many losses and the world keep watching the abuse in silence for so many years.

You in the MFA:s, ECFR and UN know a lot.

I knew nothing and am still in the dark. I do not even get the mail due to crimes and censorship of all my communication.

BTW: I was recently told that ‘Gramsci and Bildt were buried in Rome’, and I just hope that Bildt tried to do right.

No, I will never ever accept fascism. Black is not my color. Not ever ever ever. That should be a classed as a terrorist incel organization.

It’s 2020 and women have brains, tits, feet and everything in between. We walk away from misogynism, and we will kick that ass.

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