The Dynamics Of Advertising And Communication

Advertising is also culture, but with business mixed in. Most would call it popular culture. After all, an advertising campaign is artwork on behalf of someone – an organization, a company, or similar.

The work of creatives, strategists and analysts at the advertising agency is often to shape or change attitudes. As a marketer, my point is that we can add the knowledge that is lacking to make people understand the offer better – be it a product, a service or an idea. That is a professional way of changing an attitude – to discover the misunderstandings or the gaps that enable the agency and the marketer to find the group of potential customers who did not know what they were missing out on.

This is where advertising becomes communication with more interaction.


What’s In It For Me?

Campaigns or long-term marketing plans build brand values with impact, creates awareness for propositions and key messages or simply push short term sales.

Sometimes a campaign is used to make a statement, and from history we know that ad campaigns often has shaped habits, lifestyles and dreams – if the audience finds it convincing. The target group will always ask: What’s in it for me?


The Expertise And The Ethics

All of us want stakeholders and prospects to buy into what we say. Having pride in the profession of communication, it is nice to follow both code of conducts and ethics as well as a using a solid know-how in the techniques and crafts of designing copy, artwork, strategy and tech. The agency adapts the tone of voice and create ideas, concepts and artwork fit for the message, the target group and the client at the agency who ultimately has a plan of increasing awareness or profits.

Creatives and strategists often have a sensitive fingerspitzgefül for contemporary attitudes, just like analysts or those of us who involve market research and field studies in our work. So by watching campaigns, you will get a nice feel for the ideas, ideals and opinions at the time. Some made a success, some did not.

The Volvo Epic Split campaign featuring Van Damme.
The Volvo Epic Split campaign featuring Van Damme.


Make It Or Break It

A couple of years ago, the advertising campaign from Volvo featuring Van Damme in split between two, heavy, moving trucks was presented as a success story in numbers. The name of the campaign was Epic Split, of course! That balance between two horsepowered, moving forces is impressive. (Now, don’t try this at home!)

It looks like a Hercules mission, don’t you think? Anyone could use his Personal Trainer in these pressing times 🙂

And to add some figures of speech while addressing movements in the world – it looks a bit twintip and catlike for those of you who favor that language of metaphores.

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