The Intelligence Tries To Sabotage My Credibility

Yesterday I posted on two phone operators Facebook-pages, informing their customers that 3 is being used for surveillance and control by the Swedish Secret Service, and that Telenor is used by the Swedish military.
Today, a man insults me openly on Telenors Facebook-page. By a strange coincidence, he has read my posts on both these Facebook-pages and calls me bad names. I reply that he seems to be hired to destroy my credibility and I identify him as a Secret Service-agent. As I have had them around me for a couple of years now, I recognize them.

 I need your urgent support. Please share this and stop these gross violations on children’s rights and human rights.

We have a short conversation where I advice him to read about his colleague Martin Fredriksson who was also a covert agent for Secret Service, infiltrating Swedish Amnesty to control the Assange-case and even winning a prestigiuos prize for Investigative Journalism in Sweden. Then he stops replying. This conversation clearly shows two things: that secret service agents deliberately tries to destroy the credibility of truthtellers, and that they have extremely close ties to the US and runs their errands.


FB Telenor 1

FB Telenor 2


Martin Fredriksson

Read about the case here:

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