The Threat Comes From Within – Staybehind Destabilizes Us

Staybehind Excels In False Flag Operations

The Staybehind or Gladio are masters of deceipt and manipulation, and they excel in false flag operations. They come from the right-wing and conservative side. We are so used to seeing the threat coming from Russia. And the Staybehind carry out their operations to emphasize this. They arrange destabilizing activities aimed to destroy peoples trust to authorities and to eachother. And they blame the Russians. Instead, the threat in fact comes from within our own country. It comes from the Staybehind network. And this applies to all of Europe and the western world.

They Destroy Your Credibility

Saying this, you will always be called a pro-russian and become a victim of slandering and your credibility will be destroyed publicly. But learning about the Staybehind or Gladio phenomenon and how it operates will give you some new insights. You will also learn that their power sabotages the United Nations, and not even the United Nations Council of Human Rights will withstand its power. Some values are absolute and non-negotiable. Human rights and children’s rights are among them. As they are not able to protect us or our children anymore, we must act – you and I.

Illegale Kriege


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