The US and NATO Surveillance

The US and NATO are around me all the time. Their mission is surveillance, and they call it protection, which they will charge me – the cost will be the life of my son. It is completely unacceptable, and  the idea of human trade is just as unacceptable. Violating children’s rights and human rights in this way is awful. They have already hired NASA to conduct brain experiments on my son for which they shall be held accountable. They and the Swedish Social Democrats plus the rest of the political parties who are responsible for this human trade deal and who try to silence me in the most brutal way.

This man works for the US and he sat next to me on the subway.


This man came to the train station this morning:

USA NATO children's rights witness The US is surveilling me, and call it protection.

This girl is has a complete setup: the blue color and the bike, colorful flowers in her hand, the white headphones. This iconography is well known to me by now. And she is bullying by reminding me of my bad economy after 3 years of harassment – she included a plastic bag from Myrorna. This is California:

USA NATO chilldrens rights witness. The USA is surveilling and bullying me.



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