Updated Case Story With Russia, USA and NATO

I update my pressrelease, after having carefully reviewed the events that occurred to me the past 3 years. Now that I am not facing the threat of becoming locked up as I have been before when I speak out, I analyze, remember and summarize things. Read the amended pressrelease here:


Suddenly, when I update my pressrelease with Russia, my laptop stops working. And the internetconnection. I must have become too accurate… Uncomfortable. Watch this:

Then I have another video as well but it is too large for my WordPress site. I was suddenly unable to connect to My Newsdesk where the amended pressrelease is published… Actions speak louder than words. Don’t you agree?

Today, my iPhone stopped working as well. I sometimes use it even though iPhone is a Staybehind-product just as Apple is.

Twitter also became censored. So now I am using Instagram and Facebook instead. But they also seem controlled.

The Swedish military and Secret Service is now sending the police to lock me up at a psychiatric asylum ward 140 at Danderyds Hospital as all this is highly classified. The police is knocking on my door now, I refuse to open. They will have to send a locksmith.

Protest and publish, share and retweet and visit me at ward 140.



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