Slave Trade By Governments, Secret Service and Defence UPDATED

Last night the Swedish defence  who controls my laptop and my Google-searches gave me lots of information. I will share it with you, as it is top secret information about the defence and police dark operations, involving the top level of the Swedish government and Parliament, the European Union, the US and then of course Russia and pro-Russian groups.

Updated with additions in the end 20180101.

Because let’s face it – all the military does is to secure power and use repressive and violent methods. Human rights is decoration on a paper sheet. They only use it to create an illusion of civilian rights.


I admit, I was angry last night. I typed the search "Asshole Swedish Defence" which in Swedish is close to "satans försvarsas". Imagine my surprise when these search results came up. I just had to continue to see what else they had to tell me. Some is desinformation, I can tell from experience. But these results are very credible and I consider them correct.
I admit, I was angry last night. I typed the search ”Asshole Swedish Defence” which in Swedish is close to ”satans försvarsas”. Imagine my surprise when these search results came up. I just had to continue to see what else they had to tell me. Some is desinformation, I can tell from experience. But these results are very credible and I consider them correct.


Someone really want me to tell you this. If not, why would they present the information? Or do they suffer from grandiose hubris?


My example will show you the military, secret service and political frauds in exquisite horror.

There is supposed to be an old human trade deal involving the US and Germany on one side and my family represented by the Swedish government on the other side.

When this trade deal was brought to the table 2014, the Swedish government at the time did what they always have done.

They tried to hide the problem.

They tried to make me leave Sweden to avoid the problem.

As I stayed, the next government had the opportunity to seize the moment and #StandUp4HumanRights as the United Nations beautiful slogan has it.

Well, I have had it with beautiful slogans. And Swedish governments. They did not protest, saying this is a crime against humanity. They did not report it to any large international insitutions such as the Hague or similar. They did not say simply ”No.”

This is what they did:


The Social Democrat and Green government and Ministry of Foreign Affairs sold me as a slave.

The Social Democrat and Green government and Ministry of Foreign Affairs even took away all my human rights in the agreement.


The secret service and defence knew all along.

I have no rights whatsoever. I am to be abused just as they like in military and/or secret service operations. In Sweden or on international ground. No legal rights at all.

All my futile contacts with legal institutions over these years prove them right. I can’t explain it any other way. And this is what they confirmed last night in their own peculiar way.

To make sure that the other Swedish parties stayed silent, they made a deal with the other major Swedish party Moderaterna.

Very political. Very dirty.

Partners in crime.

The defence happily calls this SM: Social Democrats and Moderaterna. Also translated to Svenska Mästerskapen. (Masters of Sweden).

The secret service even allow horrendous abuse of my children.  


No NGO:s help. Not Amnesty. Not Human Rights Watch. Not United Nations Human Rights Council. From what I have heard since the very beginning, the European Union demand that I pay their debt. No wonder – Germany is a major powerhouse in the EU and they are part of the human trade deal. If you have business with Germany, you have business with EU. That’s it. And don’t expect human rights or justice.

The military also secured their power over my children. Of course. That’s what military organizations always did. They want to raise obedient citizens. I think there are som interesting examples on this from the military dictature in Argentina.

What else did the defence and secret service tell me last night?

  • That the terror activities at Drottninggatan in Stockholm was an action coordinated by the Swedish police and the defence. Strategy of tension.
  • That they call the Supreme Commander ÖB Satan. That’s a bad word. Sounds like a mutiny. I am considered Satans Daughter. Interesting. Is that a compliment or a curse? In case I am a devil to them after all they have done to me, I really don’t mind.
  • That military intelligence MUST is a major player in this.
  • The defence are responsible for locking me up at psychiatric asylums. But I know the secret service did this as well, don’t try to hide, puppets.
  • The defence are responsible for blocking help at NGO:s. (And the NGO:s obey. Can you imagine?)
  • That the Supreme Commander is responsible for the electronic harrassment I get.
  • That the defence and secret service control the press and even call them ”presstitutes” like prostitutes. Ah, that explains a lot.
  • They claim that the police are the so called ”walkie talkie” guys. Remember the murder of Olof Palme. Remember the Staybehind. But please don’t try to hide defence and secret service, we understand you are in it as well.


Somehow, the Swedish secret service yield no search results on my Google searches – only a few Finnish ones. Sometimes, Säpo, silence speak louder than words. You are prime assholes and you hide and blame everything on the defence.

Well, it is 2017 and women have brains. No search results on Asshole Secret Service is just not credible. It’s not true.


The only one thing that contradicts this is that the Google search results are really bad in taste. This terrible taste and lack of style in communication is usually the defence. Secret service at least try to make it look nice with some layout skills. However, they lack analysis, cannot write properly and often interpret metaphores etc completely wrong.

So defence has knowledge but lack style. The secret service has some style, but lack knowledge.

Congratulations, Sweden.

Your new secret government is the military and secret service who finally managed to outperform the US so they can run the show themselves. And their flaws are numerous too, not limited to communications skills or analytical skills.

Congratulations Sweden.

Your country sells citizens as slaves without any rights. Children are being taken and raised in a militaryfriendly household to be ready for abuse.

And do not call for NATO or the European Union because this was their idea from the very beginning and pro-Russian groups decided to use that to ditch Sweden, the EU and the US.

You just had to do it. It was a trap.


I entered the search phrase "Liten tuva stjälper stora svin" which is a slightly altered version of a Swedish proverb "A small tuft often overturns a big load". I replaced "load" with "pigs". Look at the amended proverb from plural to singular. They admit that one pig is overturned at least, but not plenty. Then look at the search results and recommended related search phrases. This can of course be just an accident. But you know, after 4 years of this, I doubt that.
I entered the search phrase ”Liten tuva stjälper stora svin” which is a slightly altered version of a Swedish proverb ”A small tuft often overturns a big load”. I replaced ”load” with ”pigs”. Look at the amended proverb from plural to singular. They admit that one pig is overturned at least, but not plenty. Then look at the search results and recommended related search phrases. This can of course be just an accident. But you know, after 4 years of this, I doubt that.


I have told you this so many times over the years but none of you listen. You just cannot let us go. You insist on putting your abuse out in the public, as if it is a warning to everybody else who challenge your military and secret service system and military law. Like I do.

Someone is working really hard to make us lose faith in everything we believe in.

At a Christmas concert this week, the auditorium sang a psalm with the phrase ”Oh come let us adore him”. By using mind control, someone exchanged this phrase in my head to ”Oh come let us betray (her) …”

Similar thing happened after an author’s presentation only a few weeks ago. The Michael Jackson phrase ”They don’t really care about us” was played in my head with mind control. This ”someone” prefers songs. It is a totalitarian ”someone”. A dangerous ”someone”.

But all you care about is to seize your power and avoid embarrassing disclosures so you silence me, you silence this. You allow it. And you continue to allow abuse of us.


You simply don’t get it. There must be loads of documentation on how to ruin a society and rebuild it with a new ruling. If you lack this doc, read my posts. It’s all right there. And you are not preventing it. No, you are pushing it by being complete assholes to us in front of everybody. People will welcome something else after all this betrayal. 


Happy New Year 2018.

Happy New Year Sweden.

Happy New Year EU.

Happy New Year UN Security Council.

Happy New Year UN Human Rights Council (cough, cough, oh dear what a fraud).

Happy New Year Presstitutes often called MainStreamMedia.


UPDATE 20180101

To fully understand this post and several others, it may be necessary to provide a little more information. You have the framework of my case in the post ”The Betrayal”. But this post elaborates on the slave trade. So what is this slave trade about?


I do not own my body, brain or my thoughts.

Several military and secret service organizations read my thoughts since a couple of years ago and they comment on what I think, do, see and write in different ways. The Swedish defence honks a car horn outside. Or they make a noise of fireworks or similar. It becomes very obvious after a while, when you live in this environment you can’t help but notice.

It is extremely irritating to say the least to be constantly interrupted in your thinking by someone who comments on it all the time. They also project messages into my brain to tell me things. It is poetically called ”dreams” as it is usually done nighttime before sleep or in the morning.

I do not control my own sleep.

Sometimes they use electronic harassment, preventing me from falling asleep until early in the morning. They always wake me up. It is never an accident. I never figured out why. I always wake up right before my alarm goes off.

Sometimes they actively put me to sleep. It happens after a day when I have been extremely harrassed – as soon as I come home I become dizzy and have to quickly go to bed or I will fall asleep where I stand.

They often give me headaches. I wake up with severe headache and aspirin won’t help.

They control body functions such as – please excuse this private detail but I know others are victims of this as well – bowel movement. Menstruation. It has a symbolic meaning. When you understand or find something out, the body functions start ”flowing”.

As they interfere with my thinking they also interfere with my actions.

I sometimes find myself in places and with persons who suddenly show up. It is never a coincidence. So I am constantly trying to evaluate what can be true and what is ”planted”. It is awful to feel like a puppet. Or a ”robot” as some say. An office hub in Stockholm focused on social innovation had a quiz in December with the question ”Are you a robot?”. This is what they meant – ”Are you mind controlled, maybe without understanding it?”

What else – well, when I report something uncomfortable, they often give me electricity to my brain (I think it is electricity, some say microwaves. It is something.). This creates a feeling of tension in my head. It’s not headache. It’s more like constant tension, like someone is pinching your brain. Another punishment is to give me sharp physical sensations, primarily in my feet. Like someone is using a needle on my skin. This also happens depending on what I think -if it’s uncomfortable the virtual needle is activated.

They control my feelings. I haven’t been able to cry for some years now. Only on two occasions. I won’t mention which but it gives a hint of who is behind this.


Of course it sounds incredible. Of course you find it hard to believe. I would not understand it either if I were you and not affected. It is more than high-tech. It is using chemicals or pharmaceutics in a completely distorted way. I guess this is what people thought when the first revelations of concentration camps and Mengele were disclosed. They probably just couldn’t believe it. I don’t blame you. But I ask you to listen. And act.

They control the tap water in the apartment where I live. Sometimes they put chemicals in it making me dizzy and giving me headache. They also prepare the milk or the food at home with drugs. The milk today made me dizzy for instance. Last week,it was the tap water so I had to go to the church to fill water bottles. I noticed that I couldn’t think straight and realized it was the tap water. Again.

This is what they do, apart from ordinary cybercrime, stalking, manipulated legal processes, taking my children, brainwashing and controlling my children, isolating us.

And this year, they gave me Christmas presents.  I was informed during fall that something was about to happen over Christmas. It sounded nice – yes, of course I want something nice to happen after all this.

This is what happened:

  • They cut my sublet contract with a couple of weeks notice.
  • The authorites suddenly called (two different) as someone (defence) had informed them that ”I can’t take care of myself and need an official guardian”… After forced psyhiatric care and forced medication, this is what they had in mind to fully follow the agenda of Stig Larssons books. Either Larsson was a robot or informed. Likely informed as he died suddenly. He knew too much.
  • They threaten me with abduction. They do this once in a while to try to make me leave the country in fear.
  • After many months of silence, my daughter suddenly replies to my sms the day before Christmas and on Christmas Eve. It is extremely obvious that she is mind controlled. She stopped replying the 25th. Just like that. She also replied to only one phone number (I always have two). They made her use the Comviq-number which is controlled by defence and Staybehind. It is heartbreaking to understand that your minor children are mind controlled. Nobody cares. And if you tell the world about this and other countries criticize the Swedish government, their standard reply is: ”You are just trying to hurt Sweden and the Swedish image. There’s nothing wrong with us.” Complete ignorance.


I am abused as a bait for investigating infiltrators and criminal organizations including being a training camp for the defence cyberdefence unit. They block me from getting IT-security as they want to know how other states perform. This includes the torture techniques of other states.

The defence and secret service are using me and my children as their live laboratorium rats. Amnesty, UNICEF, Save The Children, Human Rights Watch, Civil Right Defenders do not act. They accept that the international defence and secret services want to abuse us. It is as simple as that, really.

They block lawyers for me. No lawyers in civil rights or human rights will assist. Not in any country I have contacted.

They have blocked work for me all year, forcing me to take a sick leave. So if you read any records from State Security (Försäkringskassan) it will say that I am ”traumatized and terribly stressed”. In reality they block me from work and the only excuse State Security will accept is one that sounds as if I am ready to committ suicide. I am not. I am trying to work. But I am denied that.

Whatever I do, is controlled and manipulated.

I recently criticized Mr Juncker in the EU. And last week when I was about to buy used boxes to pack my stuff for the move, they make sure that only one ad online is available for me. They send me off to the Junker street (Junkergatan). Located in the part of Stockholm called Örnsberg (Mountain of the Eagle). This also has a meaning that they enjoy using. It is a metaphor. Two metaphors actually.

And the most incredible thing about all this is – that some really want me to be exposed to all this abuse, just so that I can tell you about it. 

Some groups have planned this abuse all my life. They have controlled my work assignments to give me clues of what shall be. They decided early on to open Pandoras Box for me, the Pandoras Box of all military horror you can think of. I will describe my working life in another post. But the thing is – they planned this abuse for many years.

I have been trying to understand why. And after four years it has become obvious to me: they want to create a marture. And a marture must suffer completely, or the concept of marturedom will not work.

That is my ”duty as their ”slave”. To become their marture, harrassed in public, in front of an entire world, without rights and exposed to any kind of abuse you can think of.

Does it sound sick to  you? Too sick to be true? It’s like a bad horror movie, something from Stephen King. That’s just what it is.

The Catholic Church has a rich language of metaphores. The white rose is purity and marturedom.

Apart from that, I have met so much evil and so many evil people during these years. I never thought such evil people could exist. And not so many.

Wherever I turn, whatever they have in mind for me and what may sound good in the beginning, is alway distorted into the darkest and most calculated, devilish opposite.

Christmas presents are turned into something horrible. A party is actually the public humiliation of myself in front of everybody. They laugh, watch and basically point their fingers at me. This goes on every day. And at night they enter my home when I sleep to manipulate foods and things.

This is inhuman. Just like a real marture has it. They call me Cassandra, because they like to tell me what horror will come next. So I will know. They even tell me how they will abuse my children.

The only way to stop things like this, is to interrupt the narrative. To block their scheme. You have to be a little disobedient and bold to just do differently. Not act as planned. So far, nobody is disobedient.

In case you cannot imagine evil like this, try to look at the documentaries from the second world war and all the atrocities that the jews were exposed to. Watch torture in Africa and any other military dictature – Latin America has examples.

Then transfer these situations to Europe, Sweden 2017. And remember that they are actively planning horror for me because they have bought me for marturedom. I must admit – I am a terribly bad marture. I am way to proud, to obnoxoius. I don’t bend over to anyone I don’t respect. And by now, I have lost respect for an entire world and their political leaders because this is so insane, so inhuman, so unbelievable.

So I will finish this post, publishing this Smurf right here. Not exactly what their ideal, horror-romantic marture would do, right? But in my opinion Sweden, the EU and the UN including and maybe particularly the Security Council suck. Big Time. The military leaders and secret service high  bosses are just like a corrupt mafia. There’s no way I could ever show any respect for them after all this. They don’t deserve that. And you deserve better leaders.

Closing notes: we all know how a marture end up. The end just needs to be planned and calculated to be evil enough.


A postcard from Brussels, the museum of Bandes Dessines. After all, comics may be what the EU, Brussels and NATO do best.
A postcard from Brussels, the museum of Bandes Dessines. After all, comics may be what the EU, Brussels and NATO do best.




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