The Betrayal – Sweden, EU and the UN

Since 2013 I have been exposed to Swedish Foreign Policy, international security and defence issues. I have uncovered plenty of uncomfortable truths. I was a target due to my background, a background I had no idea of. So I had to do a lot of research to understand and unfold. Here’s a framework of my story and my findings. The horrible findings. You deserve to know.

(There used to be an image published here. However, as the defence controls my internet connection, my Google-search results and direct me to false pages, I have reason to believe that some of the facts in that image were false. So today 20171217 I deleted it.) Inserted 20180409:

My Peruvian Gold


In 2013, I was suddenly confronted with a terrible activity and threats of extradition. The conditions were close to the treatment of the Egyptians that Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs Anna Lindh handed over to the CIA.

I was silently informed that the official options were USA or Russia and adviced to find another country on my own.

”Don’t stay in Sweden.”

There were plenty of ideas of countries, but none worked out.

Early on, I got hints about my Treasure in Peru. In December 2017 I finally understood. My case had been in the United Nations at the top level already in 1982. But Javier Perez de Cuellar managed to select his words with great diplomatic care and the situation stalled. Ever since 1982, they have been silencing and planning for a new try. Anyone who believes that secret services or others are actually investigating must note this. Secret services and defence have been fully aware about my case ever since 1982. Since then, they have been waiting and planning.

These organizations love patterns, and they love puppets. There are more parallells when you do the research.

The Us Debt dump

Since 2013, I have been forced to investigate my own criminal case. As my family has been completely unaware, I also had to do a lot of research on our family history. I got hints along the way:

  • It’s about DNA.
  • It’s about a military law.
  • It’s about NATO.

Wow.Big things for a divorced mum in the suburbs of Stockholm who just turned 40 and only know marketing and communication for ordinary civilian companies – and loves to cook. Really big things. So I had to dig a lot. I had to research and read a lot.

I got lies

Nobody intended to protect our very basic rights. That was shocking. Now I know better, because:

The US Debt

This is the biggest take-away: I understood the military law. The so called added ”tax” on citizens where civilians are expected to collaborate in clandestine Staybehind-networks and alliances – without consent and against their will. To enable this, the secret services and military organizations have their own people in courts, social services and among lawyers.

This way, they are able to separate children from protecing parents.

If both parents are protective, the child is taken to a new family. If one parent is protective, they take custody in manipulated custody court cases and give custody to the abusive parent. This has now happened to my children.

Some abuse some applaud dump

They had planned this. They intended to open Pandoras Box of military and secret service abusive methods and dark secrets for me.

It is shocking to realize that you have been fooled. That you have no rights, no matter what they say in European Conventions, United Nations Human Rights and the Swedish Law book.

It is shocking to realize that  your entire life has been staged for abuse.

It is shocking to realize that they have already destroyed the life of your mother, they now destroy your own life and then go on to abuse your children. Because of your DNA. That’s a Holocaust. An ethnic cleanse.

I stayed and I learned

As I stayed in Sweden, I can also tell you about the political psychiatry in the Western countries.

We are used to hearing that countries such as Russia lock victims or witnesses up at psyhiatric asylums. I have been locked up as well, just to silence me. There’s plenty of documentation in my medical dossiers, but it’s in Swedish. No medical explanations,, they refer in airy terms to ”my views”. The doctors took my phones, blocked visits and allowed only one (1) phone call per day – to a lawyer. Lawyers can’t to anything, let me tell you that. I was force medicated. Accused of psychosis. Since 2015, I have been locked up four times, this spring for two months. Now, they don’t do that anymore because I used my skills in PR and communication and it finally worked.

Never expect law, the police or the NGO:s to do anything when defence or secret service is involved. In fact, they are a part of the problem.

I got out from the psychiatric asylum when I withdrew my story. They used my ex-husband and family as puppets in the beginning and made them call me in to the psychiatric asylum.

It helps to understand the methods of different repressive states over the years. In Sweden, nobody understands this. In Sweden, everything is silenced and classified. In Sweden, you cannot even talk about it. In other countries, you actually can.

In Sweden, people look outside and note that the infrastructure works fine. We have public transportation, electricity and water in the taps. All of this is misused. But it’s clean. Foreigners ofen note that it is very clean in Sweden. No litter. Buildings well taken care of. It looks very pure and well organized. And when infrastructure works fins, people fail to notice that rule of law ceased to exist.

Part of a giant game

Yes, the global defence and secret services and their allies triangulated. That was complicated. Two Swedish MFA:s blocked me on Twitter early on, Carl Bildt and Margot Wallström. And I noticed when I travelled – wherever I went, I headed straight into crimes and threats of terror. And executed acts of terror. Check the headlines in the news since 2013-14. What do you see?

I can tell you what you don’t see: You will not find any newspaper, tv-station or radioshow reporting my case.

You already know that I am a seasoned communications consultant. Believe me, I have tried to influence them. When I haven’t been silenced and censored, that is.

I have sent out press releases. I have written in social. I have made phone calls and left letters at their offices. But I have been silenced and censored.

Early on in 2014 I sent letters to prominent Swedish newspapers and called investigative journalists. I have sent out emails and pressreleases to newspapers and investigative journalists all over Europe, and in the US.

It is silent. And I hear that the defence and secret service use highly inventive lies and PR-spin to silence media. They say I am working for them (which is not true, I am a victim of crime and a witness of a coup trial and overthrow of our royals). Then they say my children would be hurt (the truth is my children are hurt and heavily abused anyway but it is silenced with desinformation).

Then they talk about ”Sustainability”. This is a great concept. And it fits perfectly well into the acts and philosophy of the nazis that I am a victim of in our very own authorities in Sweden but also in other countries. And as we shall see – in the United Nations. No wonder nothing works anymore.

MSM Puppets

The reason they silence my case is that if they acknowledge me, Sweden has to officially open the archives and uncover plenty of uncomfortable realities about security and defence issues. Such as the nazis. The Stasi infiltrators and their methods. The NATO-operations while Sweden claimed to be a neutral country. And royal secrets.

Can’t do that! So, ”Sustainable silence” as it is better that I and my family suffer hell, than politicians, authorities and institutions. They know how to protect themselves. That’s another betrayal.

As my case related to NATO I had to learn about the secret armies called Gladio and Staybehind.

And from what I have seen in companies, courts, social services, NGO:s and authorities tell me that these networks are highly in use.

For Gladio, NATO picked former nazis early on after the second world war as they were reliably anti-communists. That’s their legacy. The US CIA and the UK MI6 were responsible for organizing Gladio.

I realize that the term ”Sustainability” has star quality. It is very seductive. It beams. Nobody can question ”Ecology”.

Hey, I am a communications specialist myself. I understand the method of picking an innocent term and concept to hide the darkest and most horrible secrets. I was skilled in analyzing key messages when all this started. Now I have become a cynical skepticist who realize that people are gullible and above all comfortable, and that everything has an agenda.

Anne Frank

They call me a ”jew”. They assign me with the number ”7”. They refer to me as a ”deer” or ”antler” which is allowed to hunt and harrass. I have no rights. My children have no rights. It is silent. Nobody report or act.

You Don't Care About My Children

You see, this is what happens. Nobody even cares about my children. But everybody claim they care about my children.

So I had to do what the defence planned – as they kept my children in Sweden and abused all of us, I had to fight for justice.

It is an unfair fight –  a single mother against superpowers, defence and secret services with all their tools for surveillance and networks.

They love to see me fail. They use me as a gladiator in ancient Rome – sending out a slave on the arena to fight horrible beasts. While the audience watch. Yes, an entire world has been watching. In silence. This phenomenon is called ”Sleeping Beauties” by a European top politician who was quick to block me from justice in the UN only to use my case to gain acceptance for a European Defence Union. Who wants to be part of NATO when their methods become visible? Well, at least for politicians. Citizens are not allowed to know. That would damage ”trust”. You cannot damage trust with reality. Small scandals are fine. Some are reported to create the illusion of freedom of press. But larger scandals that address the core of the society, power and their methods of controlling people with mindcontrol and thought control are carefully hidden. ”Sustainability” and ”Sleeping Beauties” ensured that.

”Illusion” is a key word.


I got lies


And the lies and the deceit continues and increases in scale.

My grandfathers obviously both worked for the Swedish Staybehind. They were working for their country. And well, one of my grandfathers had brains. He likely added some gambits of his own to the Cold War as he had a mind of his own. But my grandfathers did their work.

And for some reason, the descendants to Staybehinders in Sweden are being severely harrassed and punished. They don’t understand it though. They blame themselves. That’s the power of the Swedish classifications, the ”trust” and the naivité we have been fostered into after 200 years of peace and mindcontrol. Victims blame themselves.

The authorites and the politicians want it that way. Some descendants flee the country. Some moved to the US. It seems all of these descendants are ”deer”.

Descendants are punished and deceived by the state.

That’s another Swedish scandal. A Swedish Roundabout and betrayal that goes way beyond me. I have learned a lot these years.

When all this took off in 2013, I got hints that I was considered a serious security threat already by then due to international security and defence politics. I still am, so some states offered protection to the Swedish government but they have a huge price tag. A human price tag. And I began wondering what that price tag looked like, in official terms.

After all, I was never extradited. Not officially. I have a Swedish passport and citizenship that saved my ass from a flight to ”a place far, far away” dressed in a hood. But what did they agree on? These years have been a living hell.

MFA classification Pink

So I still don’t know what they agreed on. But I know that the Swedish Foreign Ministry and likely other parts of the government as well have made some agreement on me in international politics, dealing and negotiating with superpowers.

My rights have been taken away from me. I do not own my body, my brain or my home. My children are taken by the defence and secret services.

They did not hide me somewhere. They did not give me any advice on where to go. Instead, they refer to the ”Feminist Foreign Policy” and ”Transparency” which sounds great, but hey, by now we have understood everything about political fraud on a higher level where beautiful words are used to hide a horrible truth.

We are called ”jews”. We have been put in a concentration camp where abuse never ends. I won’t go into details here, you will get tired. Watch a horror movie instead. But what you can do, is help out to rescue justice and children in the world. That’s what I try to do while I keep revealing the illusions that our society is built on.

They call me oldfashioned. But I insist on human rights, children’s rights and transparency.

To me, that’s not just nice words that are abused as lipstick on a pig, if you recognize that seasoned term from the ad agency business.

To me, those words had a meaning. I want that meaning back.


Oh, you still wonder about the DNA? That’s a tricky one. I will tell you in another post.


Lots of lockers.



Update 29th December 2017

Sold without any rights

This makes sense. I  have no rights. The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs sold me and my life as a slave for abuse of the military and/or secret services – US, Sweden, NATO, EU and even Russia seems to take part in it.

An old human trade deal between the US, Germany on one hand and Sweden and my family on the other hand. And Sweden sold me. Instead of denying an inhuman old agreement from the Cold War, reporting it to the Hague for criminal investigation and gross violations of human rights – they signed the deal on me.


That explains why all crime is allowed on me. I am a lab rat for military brain experiments and medical experiments.

They use electricity on me at night to block me from sleep, or they put me to sleep suddenly so I sleep a day and half and wake with horrible headache. And they top it off by abusing and trading with my children as well.

You cry out loud for the slave trade in Libya. But the entire US, EU and Sweden are dead silent on my case. Dead silent.

That’s a betrayal too. And you are part of it as you read this and stay silent.

Updated 20180615.

To understand my case, please read this post above The Betrayal -UN, EU and Sweden along with Let’s Silence This and Happy 8th March. Then feel free to continue with Amazing Grace, Military Experiments and the others. The QR-codes collages are a bit messy, I apologize.


The Betrayal – UN, EU and Sweden:



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