The European Defence Union And Other Global Bedtime Stories

Today, Mr Juncker proudly announced that the European Defence Union has secured the next step. The head of the European Commission is delighted that the ”Sleeping Beauty” of the Lisbon Treaty is closing up. As a coincidence, secret services and military organizations encourage media, citizens and activists to ”sleep” and not act upon abuse and repression in Sweden, in EU and in other parts of the world. The macro perspective is indeed necessary to understand the world, and connect the dots in an era of globalization.


Let’s start with the European Defence Union. Let’s have a closer look at the events that contributes to it.

Europe and Sweden are at the heart of one of the greatest conflicts in the Western World since the World War II and the Cold War. Yet, it is silenced. There are no headlines in sight and no justice in sight either for victims. This conflict is firmly silenced all over Europe and USA as well.

The concept of ”Sleeping Beauty” has been succesfully launched and monitored by using the military, secret services and their tools for repression and control.

This repression and abuse may well be deeply connected to the forming of the Defence Union and closer ties within the EU.



The deeper analysis and understanding of the driving forces are lacking in the news

The political landscape in Europe is tense. Human rights, children’s rights and rule of law is under pressure. In some countries, repression is motivated with threats of terror attacks, so called ”strategy of tension”. In other countries, citizens are held back with force to prevent independence from the state as in Spain.

Greece received a humiliating treatment from the European leadership and tells a spectacular story of the European powerplay and methods of control and repression against a smaller state under financial pressure. Nonetheless, the European leadership prefers to direct focus to countries such as Hungary and Poland as well as Turkey.

The fact that secret services are asking media and activists to ”sleep” and stay silent when extremely obvious cases right in front of them are grossly violating human rights should evoke a spontaneous reprimand. Not consent. In Sweden there are plenty of examples of how the authorities control NGO:s, lawyers and citizens using both formal and informal procedures including prepared advertisement.

NGO:s with the mission of human rights and children’s rights no longer deserve their title if they listen to the words of secret services and military organizations. They have a strong tradition of stretching these terms. Vast power, little control, authority to classify uncomfortable facts and tools for surveillance enable abuse. Snowden is an example most of you will recognize.

There have been so many cases telling us that they are not known for protecting citizens right’s. A counter balance is absolutely necessery.

Still, we are encouraged to ”sleep”.

In Sweden, there are plenty of examples of how this psyops, this propaganda is hammered out in the society. And it works.  

Människor uppmanas att "sova" medan brott pågår och fullföljs. Barnrätt. #SaveMyDaughter #SaveMySon
Säkerhetspolisen och försvaret uppmanar människor att ”sova” medan övergreppen pågår. Resultatet är ett fullständigt haveri.


The Sleeping Beauty. Wishful thinking for power is a nightmare for victims

Mr Juncker must have chosen his words with care. So does the Swedish secret service and defence.

– I have heard that many times, that I and others should ”sleep” and ”be patient”. But it’s extremely dangerous to stay silent when horrendous abuse occur, freedom of speech is blocked, children are heavily abused and rule of law ceased to exist. Never sleep when you should think and act, says Annika Möllström with emphasis.

The past four years have reveled a widespread abuse conducted by military organizations, police and secret services in the name of the US, NATO, EU and Scandinavia. The UN has not interfered. They fail to hold up to their own mission #StandUp4HumanRights.


Slave trade and child marriages

The world has been watching. The world has been horrified. The world has obeyed and acted as the ”Sleeping Beauty”. As a result, slave trade in Libya has become a reality. As a result, children’s marriages, sexual abuse and violence among women and children has been at least discussed. But instead of addressing the real issue, wellknown and outspoken conflicts of Ukraine, Syria and distant parts of the world often serve as examples. Not our own backyard.

–  While the world has been watching the abuse of these military alliances, states have been busy executing their underlying strategies. The obvious abuse of the US and NATO contributed to the creation of the European Defence Union. It is difficult to ignore the fact that this was planned. The European Union has long been viewed as an upcoming balancing power between superpowers such as the US, Russia and now China, notes Annika Möllström.


The silence serves a purpose

Thus, the silence of media, activists, NGO:s and citizens served a purpose. The purpose of power. The ”Sleeping Beauty” is in fact you – and an entire Europan Union who obeyed the wishes of secret services, military organizations and politicians who block justice, freedom of speech and freedom of press to promote their own agendas.

The silence enable awful abuse and gross crimes against humanity of both adults and children. Nations are asleep while a silent war is going on right in front of them, in their own backyard.

What if citizens realized? That would damage trust. The analysis of the driving forces and actual historical background is hidden.

–  As Mr Juncker and the European Union appreciate speaking in terms of fairy tales, I will reply in the same way. These Pinocchios should read the fairy tale Rumpelstiltskin. The EU has blocked justice in the UN for innocent women and children. They have used us as a case to create gold out of hay and then kept the children while using their intelligence services, just as in Rumpelstiltskin. The agenda was to further connect the EU. As a result, a lot of people are sacrificed and killed under false pretenses in this silent war, says Annika Möllström with ice in her tone.


The Defence seem to frequently refer to fairy tales instead of telling the truth . This is Finnish Ministry of Defence Elisabeth Rehn when confronted with the Finnish NATO secret armies Gladio also called Staybehind. It is considered a sensitive topic, and especially so in the Nordic countries. Pay attention to seducingly innocent shadow arguments what hide the truth. Courtesy Google Books. "Global Secret and Intelligence Services" by Heinz Duthel
The Defence seem to frequently refer to fairy tales instead of telling the truth . This is Finnish Ministry of Defence Elisabeth Rehn when confronted with the Finnish NATO secret armies Gladi,o also called Staybehind. It is considered a sensitive topic, especially in the Nordic countries. Courtesy Google Books. ”Global Secret and Intelligence Services” by Heinz Duthel


Bedtime stories are not appropriate in defence and security issues

The Sleeping Beauties of media, citizens, lawyers, politicians and the Police gave the intended result. The atrocities of the US and NATO were revealed. Out in the open.

Anyone who read Daniele Gansers literature on NATO:s secret armies and understand their networks will know. But this is never discussed in media. It is silent knowledge.

One of the dragons was killed, but there are plenty more in the world.

As the world slept so well and so obedient the past four years and for instance enabled an wide-open military trafficking of two sought-after children with a special DNA they are obssessed with, they already have their next dragon in sight.

It is important to understand the time spans. Events are planned 20 or 30 years ahead. They use patterns and puppets, having a macro perspective of the global politics.

So the next operation with abused Europeans as slaves and innocent victims is already planned.


They gave us Alice in Wonderland. Next they will give us It and Charlie in the Chocolate Factory.

If the first operation was called Alice In Wonderland where a desperate mother had to follow a rabbit and slay dragons in the futile quest for saving her children and understanding her history, the next operation will feature a boy star and his sister. And that operation already has a name. To kill the next superpower, the operation Charlie And The Chocolate Factory will be initiated. Plenty of children are involved. As in Stephen Kings ”It.” But they already cast their stars.

–  The military is quite fond of popular culture as it serves as an efficient tool for propaganda. This morning I heard a quote from a journalist. Instead of reporting our case and international politics, he was dressed in a symbolic color and told me about the book ”Silmarillion”. This book tells the story about the time and events before the ”Lord of the Rings” by JRR Tolkien. ”Silmarillion” had to be written posthumously by Tolkiens son as Tolkien had died.

Annika Möllström specifically points out that all this had a very special meaning to the journalist. And he had no intention whatsoever to follow a normal journalistic instinct and report. Just as the activists, lawyers, NGO:s and politicians suddenly lack the instinct of protecting human right’s, children’s rights and rule of law in Sweden, Europe or in the world. They have fallen asleep.

Instead of facts and news, they have become obsessed with fairy tales. And when victims present evidence, it’s called ”opinions”.

Distinguish facts from opinions. Distinguish fairy tales from news.

Study history, the trade of silencing people and hiding truths. Learn how repression worked in history and the craft behind it.

Referring to fairy tales creates an illusion of innocence, giving the impression that these awful abuses and gross violations are not so bad after all. They function as a bedtime story, putting you to bed instead of action.

And this takes place close to the center of the worlds military power – the UN. Silence can also be referred to as sustainability. Uncomfortable truths are firmly tucked in under a quilt of environmental goals as transparency and awakening would provoke other acts of planned terror as a protest. It is ”strategy of tension”, an established term for this type of control.

Annika Möllström summarize:

The world is triangulated and act as puppets for a group of military men and secret services who pull the strings. This influential group actually manage to make the world fall asleep with their bedtime stories and seducingly innocent arguments while they secure their power. It is amazing. It works. It’s psyops.


UPDATE 20171216

By chance, I had a look at the Royal Swedish Opera repertoir today. It’s fascinating. I have noticed earlier at Kulturhuset for instance that Swedish culture is extremely controlled. Likely, staff, artists and curators are innocent puppets for mind control conducted by the Swedish defence. They control the selection of plays to fit their agenda for the Swedish society. I noticed the same a few years ago in New York. My children were at risk already by then. The opera in New York staged ”Hansel and Gretel”.

And it makes sense in Sweden at least – The University College of Opera is located right by the Swedish Defence University. And anyone who protests against the defence abuse will be called ”an opera artist”. They don’t like when people complain about minor things as human rights, freedom of speech or children’s rights.

Let’s have a look at how they combine opera with their favourite fairy tale concept to prime the audience:

"Alice In Wonderland" is part of the repertoire at the Swedish Royal Opera 2017. Of course it is staged as a ballet - a dance. You know the dance metaphore by now.
”Alice In Wonderland” is part of the repertoire at the Swedish Royal Opera 2017. Of course it is staged as a ballet – a dance. You know the dance metaphore by now.
And here is "The Sleeping Beauty", also a ballet at the Royal Swedish Opera 2017. Read the plot: The Princess Aurora will be given a new name. This very name was also given to the major Swedish defence exercise in 2017: Aurora2017. Cute. If you like to get caught in a web of military spiders.
And here is ”The Sleeping Beauty”, also a ballet at the Royal Swedish Opera 2017. Read the plot: The Princess Aurora will be given a new name. This very name was also given to the major Swedish defence exercise in 2017: Aurora2017. Cute. If you like to get caught in a web of military spiders.


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