Cultures Have Survived Since Archimedes. So Will Yours.

Pandemic and geopolitical crisis have numerous effects, both on entrepreneurs and their companies. While the downturn feels impossible to grasp and calculate, it is vital to remember that we never start all over again with empty hands.

Assets Will Propel You Into Your Next Step

The restart is the time for picking the berries in the cake! You do have plenty of experience and network – a platform –  from the previous enterprise. Reuse and adapt that for new circumstances and you will have a much quicker start in your new project. The past enterprise allowed you to develop a business and a culture. And a culture that is nurtured is a huge set of assets – intangible assets such as knowledge, legacy, memory, nodes and platforms – and if you use them right they will propel you into your next step.

Nature do the same – it reinvents itself every year!

Soft values must be saved, memorized and documented somehow. Today, a lot is documented in social media and the internet but you may want to refine that for your next project or phase of business.

Reinvent Your Business

Take this time as a perfect opportunity to reinvent your business. Cultures and human knowledge have survived and developed since Archimedes. Your business and the soft values will survive too, if you save and refine instead of just pressing the Delete button.

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